Wedding Giveaway Palooza: Emmaline Bride Turns 3! Day #1

Guess what? This week, Emmaline Bride turns 3 years old! We’re so excited to celebrate with you, dear lovely readers, the best way we know how: with an entire week of giveaways! Every day this week through Friday, we’ll be offering handmade wedding prizes with a few winners announced each day. Read on to find out how you can join us in the celebration and throw your hat in the ring for a chance to win!

wedding giveaway

we love hot pink balloons! this one is from balloon maniacs

Wedding Giveaway Palooza: Day #1

Today’s Prize #1 – Men’s Titanium Wedding Band by

Win a wedding band for the groom! This wedding band is their most durable.

wedding giveaway

Today’s Prize #2 – Wedding Hair Clip by Flowers From Fatima

Handmade with love + perfect for the bride with just the right hint of sparkle!

wedding giveaway

Today’s Prize #3 – Set of 10 Tissue Paper Pom Poms by Simply Nesting

Decorate your reception space with tissue paper pom poms: you select the colors!

tissue poms

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This giveaway has ended.

The Day #1 giveaway has ended! The winners are…

Congrats Lauren, Amy, and Tina! You’re the first lucky winners in our week-long giveaway. Please keep an eye out for an email with instructions to claim your prize! Thank you to our sponsors!

Our next giveaway launches soon. Stay tuned!


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How to Enter

1. Visit each of the three shops above; select a favorite item from each.

2. Return here and comment on which item from each shop is your favorite. (Indicate items with #1, #2, and #3.)

For additional entries…

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* You can enter up to three times per day (comment, Facebook, Twitter).

Entrants must be 18 years or older to enter; winner will be randomly selected via daily (enter by 11:59pm EST daily). Entrants must be U.S. or Canada residents. Three winners will be randomly selected and contacted in order; 1st winner may choose which item from the three he or she would like, 2nd winner selects between the remaining two, and the 3rd winner receives the remaining prize.

Good Luck! ♥


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  • Kristin D

    1)bk22 – so great for a guy!

    2)Coral satin hair clip

    3) wall flowers – so neat!!

  • Amanda

    1. Embrace titanium ring
    2. Ocean pearl bridal bouquet
    3. Tissue paper poms

  • tiffany

    #1:I think my fiance would love the black titanium bk5

    #2: Byzantine Purple Anemone Hair Clip is by far my favorite, the purple really pops!

    #3- I love the Pom Pom Pinwheels: they would go great on the wall behind my back table :)

  • Anna A.

    1)The Pizzicato
    2)Elysian Fields Halo
    3)pom wheels!

  • Amanda

    #1 titanium wedding band- embrace
    #2 Elegant grand gardenia hair clip
    #3 large citrus green pretty Pom pom

  • Allison
  • Allison

    1) Black Titanium Ring bk8
    2) Cream Anemone Hair Clip
    3) Large Tan PRETTY Pom Pom

  • Sara
  • Lindsay C
  • Sara

    I like:

    1. Titanium Grooved Mens Ring-Reel

    2. Cream Anemone Hair Clip

    3. Tissue Paper Pom Pom Wall Flowers

  • Lindsay C

    1. Titanium Ring with Beveled Edges- Arc
    2.Lavish Blushing Peony Hair Clip
    3. Large Khaki PRETTY Pom Pom

  • Emily F

    1) Titanium Wedding Ring with Beveled Edges-Arc

    2)Lavish Creme Pearl Peony Hair Clip or Cream Anemone Hair Clip

    3)SPRING SALE paper pom poms…50 napkin rings…satin tie

  • Lauren

    + a retweet and a Facebook share :)

  • Suzy

    1. Black Titanium Ring bk2
    2. Elegant Grand Gardenia Hair Clip
    3. Large Pom Poms in Peacock, Midnight Blue, and Light Grey!

  • Lauren

    1. Love the frosted titanium ring, almost exactly what my fiance wants!
    2. Elegant grand gardenia or one of the peonies!
    3. paper poms in aquamarine and french vanilla!!!!!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  • Kristen C.

    #1 Titanium Wedding Ring with Platinum Inlays p2
    #2 Elegant Grand Gardenia Hair Clip
    #3 25 tissue paper pom poms, with rounded edges in Cerise

  • Renee

    1. Black Titanium Ring bk5
    2. Lily of the Valley hair sticks – because it’s my birthday flower!
    3. tissue pom in scarlet and sandstone

  • Ashley K

    I tweeted, as well! What a giveaway!!

  • Ashley K

    #1. Black Titanium Ring bk2

    #2. Georgia Peach Rose Flower Hair Clip

    #3. Large tissue paper pom pom wheels in ivory and gray!

  • Belladonna

    #1: black titanium ring bk9
    #2: garden medley floral hair sticks
    #3: 3d wall birds

  • Malloryray

    My favorites are:

    1. I think my groom would like a nice simple titanium ring like High Polish Titanium Ring 7mm.

    2. My favorite hair rose would have to be the Crystal White Rose Flower Hair Clip.

    3. I would love 20 white poms to hang around my reception hall!

  • davonne

    1. Discount Titanium Wedding Band-Unity
    2. Golden Sunflower Headband
    3. paper pom poms

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Brittany Smith

    Oh fun! Here goes…
    1. Sable Titanium Ring sa25
    2. Fall Harvest Flower Hair Comb
    3. Large Lilac Pretty Pom Pom

  • Kristi T

    #1: Black Titanium ring bk5

    #2: Elegant Grand Gardenia

    #3: gray or white

  • Cindy

    1. Black Titanium Ring
    2. Lavish Blushing Pearl Peony Hair Clip
    3. Large Tan PRETTY Pom Pom

    These are all great items!

  • Liz

    1. I think my fiance would love the titanium wedding ring with beveled edges-arc – very classic and simple :)

    2. My fave is the cream anemone hair clip! Love those flowers, they’re a little out of season in November but I’m hoping to order a few stems for our bouquets…

    3. Tissue pom poms in shades of pink

  • K

    #1. The Pizzicato

    #2. Cardinal Red Pom Pom Flower Hair Clip

    #3. SPRING SALE tissue pom poms, pick your colors, 15 pom poms

    (shared on Facebook, too!)

  • Lauren G.
  • Lauren G.

    1. Sunshine – Frost Titanium Wedding Ring

    2. Floral Waterfall Wedding Veil

    3. Tissue paper pom poms in shades of buttercup, light blue, light gray, and ivory.

  • Augusta
  • Tina Martinez

    I shared on Facebook!

  • Augusta

    1. The Splash – Titanium Frost Wedding Ring f3
    2. Elegant Grand Gardenia Hair Clip
    3. tissue paper pom poms

  • Tina Martinez

    #1 Titanium Wedding Ring with Platinum Inlay p7 is so my honey’s style

    #2 Elysian Fields Halo is absolutely gorgeous!

    #3 Large Poms in Boysenberry would add the perfect whimsical touch to our outdoor Colorado wedding!

  • elaine
  • Christina

    Thank you for a fun contest!!

    #1. My fiance would LOVE this ring: Titanium Engagement Rings e6

    #2. I would personally adore these as centerpieces for my wedding: SPRING SALE 25 tissue paper pom poms…pick your colors (purple and peach!)

    #3. The coloration in these roses are literally my favorite; I’m not sure what they’re official name is but I call them GORGEOUS! I love them so much, I have decided that peach is one of my wedding colors just so I can incorporate them :) : Georgia Peach Rose Flower Hair Clip

  • Nicole

    1. Titanium Ring Festival n22
    2. Frosted Orchid Flower Hair Comb
    3. SPRING SALE 100 wedding paper pom poms…Pick your Colors & Sizes…100 pom poms

  • elaine

    1) White Gold and Silver Twist Mokume

    2)Set of 2 Soft Lavender Hair Combs

    3)purple and grey purple paper poms :)

  • Mary C

    1. Sunshine Frost Titanium Band
    2. Elegant Grand Gardenia Hair Clip
    3. The 3D butterflys are pretty!

  • Tarah

    1) Sable titanium ring
    2) Garden medley floral hair stick
    3) Tissue paper pom pom wall flowers

  • Rhian
  • Rhian
  • Rhian

    #1: I am looking for a titanium or tungsten ring for myself to wear in the field (I’m an archaeologist) so I really like this one but since the giveaway is for the groom’s ring, I’ll also say that my favorite is

    #2: The Golden Sunflower Headband is PERFECT for our flowergirl!

    #3: The Butterfly Collage Sunset would be a nice present for my niece, our flowergirl!

  • Kaleena

    #1-Titanium with Platinum inaly p6

    #2- I love the Byzatine Purple Anemone Hair clip!

    #3- Peacock Party Pom Poms!! those fit perfectly with our theme!

  • Mandy

    1. Titanium Engagement Rings e2
    2. Cream Anemone Hair Clip
    3. tissue pom poms

  • Emily

    1. High Polish Titannium 7 mm
    2. Blushing Pearl Peony
    3. tissue Pom poms

  • Susan

    1. Black Titanium Ring
    2. Turquoise Rose
    3. Pom Pom Wheels

  • karriC

    And just shared on Facebook

  • karriC

    Tweeted. @karrrileigh :)

  • Amy

    #1 Rendezvous

    #2 Lavish Blushing Pearl Peony

    #3 Large Light Gray PRETTY Pom Pom

  • karriC

    1. titanium bk5
    2. Airforce blue rose flower hair clip is perfect to match my wedding colors…not to mention adorable!
    3. I love the blue napkin ring poms with the white ties.

    Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your 3rd birthday!

  • Cassie
  • Kimberley D
  • Ashley
  • Kimberley D

    #1. Opportunity – Frost Titanium Wedding Ring

    #2. Elegant Grand Gardenia Hair Clip

    #3. tissue pom poms in shades of pink and ivory

  • tiffany

    #1 Black Titanium Ring bk5

    #2 Red Satin Crystal Rose Hair Clip

    #3 paper pom poms apkin rings!

    Happy Birthday btw!

  • Cassie
  • Cassie

    #1- Black Titanium Ring bk2

    #2- Georgia Peach Rose Flower Hair Clip

    #3- Large tissue paper pom pom wheels in peach, cool gray, and ivory!

  • Jessica K
  • Ashley
  • Ashley

    yay congrats emmaline! i don’t know what i would do without this site it has inspired me so much!

    so here are my favorites:
    #1- i have to go with the mokume white gold and silver twist. my wonderful man is really big into swords and metalworking so it really speaks to him. we wanted to get something like this but have yet to be able to afford it.

    #2- i really love the crystal white rose flower clip like pictured above

    #3 – those poms are so cool! as for colors i really love the buttercup, apricot, and mandarin red

  • Jessica K

    #1 Tirings – iTi
    #2 Flowers from Fatiima – butterfly ballad floral crown
    #3 Simply Nesting – 3D wall butterflies

  • Shelley

    1. Black Zirconium Carbon Fiber Ring

    2.Plum Pom Pom Flower Hair Clip

    3.tissue paper pom poms

  • elena

    #1 My fiance is very simple, so I would probably go with the High Polish Titanium 7mm. Clean and very nice.

    #2 Keep is elegant with the Crystal White Rose Flower Hair Clip.

    #3 the Large PRETTY pom poms are beautiful! Love all the colors.

  • Stacy

    1) Titanium Diamond Ring with Blue Inlays

    2) Elysian Fields Halo

    3) paper pom poms…50 napkin rings…satin tie