Pearl Bridal Bracelet Giveaway! – 6/3-6/9

Happy Monday to you! We are kicking off this beautiful, jam-packed-with-handmade-goodness week the best way we know how: with a giveaway! This week, you could win a gorgeous pearl bridal bracelet by Merry Alchemy Bridal. This pearl bridal bracelet features tons of bride-worthy sparkle and is made of Swarovski crystals, creamy white pearls, and decorative, ornate beading. If you’re looking for the ultimate finishing touch for your wedding day look, you won’t want to miss this giveaway! Read on to find out more about this elegant pearl bridal bracelet + find out how you can enter for a chance to win. (P.S. It’s FREE to enter!)

Pearl Bridal Bracelet (by Merry Alchemy Bridal)

Pearl Bridal Bracelet – Giveaway!

This heirloom quality pearl bridal bracelet will soon become your favorite new jewelry piece. This handmade bracelet has just the right touch of sparkle and features timeless white pearls, Swarovski crystals, and beading; to close, the bracelet features a genuine silver hook clasp. The bracelet – named Elizabeta – is perfect for you (the bride-to-be!), a best friend, Mom, MOH, or anyone else you want to surprise with an elegant gift. It even comes in a gift-wrapped box for immediate gift-giving. Retail value: $100.

Pearl Bridal Bracelet (by Merry Alchemy Bridal)

How to Enter

To enter, please use the entry form below. You may enter multiple times per day, per guidelines provided. Good luck!


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  1. Lisa
  2. Stephanie Riesdorph
  3. windycindy
  4. Justyne M
  5. Justyne M
  6. Ashley Pedersen
  7. Allie Kay
  8. Marnay
  9. Mary Villasmil
  10. Anggela
  11. Justyne M
  12. Lisa
  13. Jill Arthur
  14. Jill Arthur
  15. Stephanie Riesdorph
  16. bridgeteaton
  17. Marnay
  18. tessa
  19. Justyne M
  20. Mary Villasmil
  21. windycindy
  22. Marnay
  23. tessa
  24. Justyne M
  25. Mary Villasmil
    • Lisa
  26. Seda
  27. Anggela
  28. rache
  29. Stephanie Riesdorph
  30. tessa
    • Lisa
  31. Marnay
  32. Mary Villasmil
  33. Justyne M
  34. Alix
  35. Samantha
  36. Leah Warner
  38. ebolivar
  39. Lisa
  40. Marnay
  41. Maureen
  42. Mary Villasmil
  43. Justyne M
  44. DanielandVictoria Hey

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