Origami Bridal Bouquet

Hello, loves! Happy Friday! Today we’re showcasing a unique bouquet alternative to fresh flowers: origami! Colorful, whimsical, and customizable in your color palette, this origami bridal bouquet – by Ann-Kay Design – will last forever. Unlike real flowers that wilt and drop petals, this bouquet can be enjoyed as a keepsake in your home long after your wedding day. Read on to see more…

origami bouquet

Origami Bridal Bouquet

Each Kusudani origami paper flower is folded by hand and has a cute button in the center. Colors of the flowers and wrap are customizable – just ask!

origami bouquet
origami bouquet

To order this bouquet – or to view more from Ann’s collection – visit Ann-Kay Design and view her products in The Marketplace at Emmaline Bride.

Happy Planning!


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