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7 Secret Spray Tanning Tips for the Bride

Posted April 27, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Want to spray tan for your wedding without looking like a carrot down the aisle? I (Emma here!) have never tried spray tanning, and I’ll admit my number one fear is looking orange. However, when done properly with these spray tanning tips you can prevent the orange and achieve that bronze, sun-kissed look you crave without the harmful effects of the sun. For the very best airbrush tan secrets, we’ve pulled in an expert: Kelly of Brush Body Bronzing (based in Pennsylvania) has tons of spray tanning experience with brides before the big day and she’s divulging seven spray tanning tips + trade secrets exclusively for our readers! Scroll down to find out more…

spray tanning tips

image left via real beauty

Spray Tanning Tips

1. Shave.

We wanted to know if shaving was best before spray tan or after. Kelly says the day before your tan equals best results.

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

Kelly says the most important step is exfoliation. She says, “Exfoliate 24-48 hours prior with a sea-salt scrub (or other body
exfoliating scrub). This removes loose, dead skin cells, which prevent the application of color. Exfoliating will improve and extend your tanning results.”

*TIP: Emmaline Bride recommends Alba’s Body Scrub (find it at Amazon or Target!) for your bod and St. Ives’ Apricot Scrub for your face. I (Emma) love this stuff; I still use it daily. I miss the old peachy tub it used to come in, though – if you’re a fellow Apricot Scrub lover you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.)

3. Skip the bar soap, deodorant, oils, gels, and perfumes.

Prior to tanning, your skin should be clean and dry. Kelly says to skip bar soap because, “soap residue interferes with tanning results. Do not use any lotions unless your skin is super dry – then use a thin layer. Do not use deodorant, oils, gels, or perfume. All makeup must be removed before your spray tan session. Also, remove all jewelry.”

4. Use a pH balancing pre-treatment.

A pH balancing pre-treatment will properly prep your skin.

5. Tan in dark undergarments.

You may be wondering the same thing we were: what do you wear after you tan to prevent bronze wear-off? Kelly advises to, “Wear dark, loose fitting clothing to wear after your tan (no skinny jeans or stretch pants). To bed, wear loose fitting clothing.”

6. Avoid bathing + workouts for 24 hours.

Avoid hitting the shower, pool, or other source of water for 8-12 hours (18-24 hours preferred). Kelly recommends, “You can wash your hands lightly but avoid showers or work outs.” She also says to use a shower gel or body wash instead of bar soap (and do not exfoliate or use a shower puff – only use your hands). Also, “Avoid any products that contain alcohol, alpha hydroxy acid, retin-a, beta hydroxy and any acid peels. You should moisturize daily. Do not use a moisturizer with Mineral Oil.”

7. Trial Run

Kelly suggests practice before the big day. “I strongly suggest a trial run before the big day or any special event. Most mobile companies offer a bridal package or a multi-tan pack – there are savings for the bride, which is another thing the Bride will love. At a minimum the bride will need 1 spray tan the month before her event and another spray tan two days before the day of her event.”

* Please note: Kelly receives this question often… “Will I have protection from UV rays?” It’s important to remember, “…No. A spray tan gives you a false sense of security. If you are planning to be out in the sun – please wear SPF!” Great advice, Kelly!

Thank you, Kelly, for this awesome advice! For more tips – or to book your spray tan appointment (she’s based in Pennsylvania), check out her website, Brush Body Bronzing. She’d be happy to answer any questions to help!

Brush Body Bronzing is a member of Emmaline Bride’s The Bridal Book, our hand-picked preferred wedding vendor directory.

Just a note: If you’re pale-skinned and want to go au naturale, we totally dig it. We aren’t advocating that brides have to have bronze skin, but simply assisting brides who want to look a little bronzer without looking obvious. Just putting it out there! :)

Some links to beauty products above link to our affiliate account; however, shop wherever you wish!

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Happy Planning!


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