How to Make Your Bouquet Last Forever

We love the smell of fresh blooming flowers (and the mere sight of a pink peony makes me especially weak in the knees), but a bouquet that lasts forever? Brilliant! Fresh flowers, while lovely, will wilt. And, days after your wedding you’ll be tossing away your bouquet in the trash. Today, however, we’re showing you how to make your bouquet last forever so you can avoid the sad toss-away dance and replace it with a bouquet that lasts forever! These five handmade fabric bouquets by Autumn and Grace Bridal are crafted with love and can be re-used after the wedding day as delightful home decor. Many years from now when your daughter asks what your bouquet looked like, you can show her in person. Who knows, maybe it will even be her special “something borrowed”! Read on to see 5 hand-picked bouquets you’ll love to hold onto down the aisle and happily ever after…

5 Fabric Flower Bouquets

1. Vintage Inspired Fabric Bouquet

This vintage-inspired fabric flower bouquet features large cotton cabbage roses, rosettes and lace. We love the lace detailing and beading in the center.

how to make your bouquet last forever

how to make your bouquet last forever

how to make your bouquet last forever

2. Petite Bridal Bouquet

This fabric bouquet features cotton fabric flowers with a circumference measuring 17-18 inches. The tulle on the handle makes a pretty bridal touch.

how to make your bouquet last forever

3. Pink Bridal Bouquet

A pink and natural cotton bouquet combined with soft hydrangeas makes this gorgeous bouquet, which measures 22-23 inches in circumference:

how to make your bouquet last forever

4. Vintage-inspired Pink and Ivory Bouquet

Sweet cotton, chiffon, and satin-blend flowers combined with handcrafted beaded detailing creates this vintage-inspired bouquet. We love the pink and ivory combination.

how to make your bouquet last forever

5. Ruffly Rose Bouquet

We love this huge, single, ruffly rose bouquet with layers of lace, cotton, tulle, and a satin-blend fabric. This bouquet is unique and perfectly fitting for a vintage wedding.

how to make your bouquet last forever

Aren’t they lovely? Don’t forget your bridesmaids, too, who would also love a bouquet that lasts forever (and doesn’t make the allergy-prone ‘maids sneeze down the aisle).

how to make your bouquet last forever

If you like what you see here, you’ll love the entire collection at Autumn and Grace Bridal, featured artisan in The Marketplace!

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