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    Sparkle + Shine: 8 Winter Wedding Accessories for the Bride

    November 30, 2012  Leave a Comment

    Hello, lovelies! Winter weddings call for gorgeous metallic accents, tons of sparkle, and plenty of shine. Lucky for you, today’s feature has all three! Get ready to step out in style – in the snow – with these gorgeous winter wedding accessories for the bride. They’re all new from the collection of Nestina Accessories. Enjoy!

    Winter Wedding Accessories for the Bride

    1. Gold Metallic Bridal Sash

    Is there anything better than gold metallics around the holidays? This sash is the perfect touch to any dress.

    gold metallic bridal sash belt

    by nestina accessories

    2. Sparkly Shoe Clips

    Have a pair of shoes that need dressing up – or want to up the wow factor on your sparkly new pair? These shoe clips will do the trick.

    sparkly shoe clips

    by nestina accessories

    3. Rhinestone Bridal Bracelet

    This rhinestone bracelet is sparkly, bridal-worthy, and gorgeous in every way.

    rhinestone bracelet for the bride

    by nestina accessories

    4. Sparkly Hair Accessory / Veil Alternative

    Instead of a veil, this hair wrap can be worn as a headband.

    sparkly hair wrap accessory worn as a headband

    by nestina accessories

    5. Bridal Rhinestone Hair Comb

    Share the sparkly look with your girls and gift them with a rhinestone comb, perfectly worn with every hairstyle.

    bridal rhinestone comb

    by nestina accessories

    6. Flower Hair Accessory

    I love flower blooms – particular those with a rhinestone center – because they can dress up your hair or be pinned as a versatile and can be worn as a hair accessory or pinned onto a clutch.

    floral bloom with rhinestone center

    by nestina accessories

    7. Bridal Bracelet with Ribbon Tie

    This is another bridal bracelet with tons of sparkle and shine, but this time with a ribbon tie. Cute!

    bridal bracelet with ribbon tie

    by nestina accessories

    8. Sparkly Garter

    A bridal must-have? This sparkly garter that is much too pretty to toss.

    sparkly garter with rhinestones

    by nestina accessories

    Where To Buy

    To purchase an accessory shown here or to see more from the collection, visit Nestina Accessories!

    Nestina Accessories is a Featured Artisan in The Marketplace. All photos show above (with the exception of #6) are by Hannah Mayo Photography. Thank you to the model, Jesselyn. Beautiful work everyone!

    Happy Planning!



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