Top 15 Best Friends Necklaces for your MOH

Happy Tuesday! Back in the day, I (Emma here!) would attend roller skating parties with my grade school. They were the place to be. At these roller skating parties, we, fifth and sixth graders, would play arcade games and win tickets to cash in for candy or toys. One of the prized possessions? These dinky, plastic best friend necklaces given to your BFF. Do you remember them? Ah, memories. (And, holy markup: we used to cash in TONS of tickets for these and they only cost the rink a few dollars for hundreds of ’em!) I love the idea of gifting a similar, “grown-up” version to your MOH or best friend this holiday season. So, I went on the hunt to find the most adorable best friends necklaces… and I think you’ll love what I’ve found! Read on to see the top fifteen that made the list…

Best Friends Necklaces

1. Puzzle Pieces

best friends necklaces

by steampunk funk

best friends necklaces

by steampunk funk

2. Classic Heart Best Friends Necklaces in Gold

best friends necklaces

by her silver lining

I also love this “Sisters Forever” heart necklace…

best friends necklaces

3. Best Friend Circle

best friend necklaces

by brooklyn charm

4. Half Heart Locket Necklaces

best friend necklaces

by fancy pop

best friend necklaces
by fancy pop

5. You & Me Heart Necklaces

best friend necklaces

by spiffing jewelry

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Necklaces

peanut butter and jelly necklaces best friends

by a lil bit of cute

7. Best Friend Heart Necklaces with Angel Wings

best friend necklaces

by revelle rose jewelry

8. Circular Necklaces (with Bling)

best friend necklaces

by silvine designs

9. Lucky Horseshoes

best friend necklaces

by philanthropic panda

10. Owl Always Be Your Best Friend

best friends necklaces

by friendly gesture

11. Time Passes But Friendship Remains

This necklace is written in French… Le Tems Passe L’Amitie Reste which means Time Passes But Friendship Remains and includes an hourglass and angel wings.

best friends necklaces

by rqp studio

12. I’ll See Ya… Not If I See You First

best friends necklaces

by tabby cat design

13. Besties Necklace

best friends necklaces

by jewelmint

For a Trio of Best Friends:

14. Fork, Spoon, and Knife

best friends necklaces

by jac and elsie

15. Rock, Paper, and Scissors

best friends necklaces

by jac and elsie

Happy Planning!


Which one is your favorite? Share below!

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October 8, 2013 2:56 pm

I’m having a bracelet made for each of my maids, moms and grandmothers all from their flowers. It’s a simple and personal gift.

Bridally Blonde
November 21, 2012 11:06 am

These are all really cute. Friendship necklaces and bracelets always sound childish, but these are a much more grown-up take on the idea. I think the owls are my favourite; really quirky, and because of the style I could get one for each of my bridesmaids, rather than just the MOH (she’s my ‘best’ friend yest, but all of my BMs are important to me!)


November 21, 2012 8:40 am

I’ll see ya…not if I see you first. ♥ Now I want to go watch that movie.

I just bought a set of puzzle piece necklaces off ebay. I have 2 sisters and found a set that had 3 interlocking pieces. It was perfect.

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