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Are Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses a Good Idea?

October 8, 2013 | 1 Comment

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YES. A million times YES. Black bridesmaid dresses are ALWAYS a classic choice, especially in the fall and winter months. If you were a bridesmaid and the bride said, “Pick any dress you love in black”, it would be a dream come true. (You probably already even have one in your closet!) A black dress is always in style and your bridesmaids will actually wear their dress again. Black bridesmaid dresses are easy to buy off of the rack, they’re wildly affordable, and even mismatched bridesmaid dresses in black look tailored and chic. (Blue or green boast millions of shades, but black is black.) So, if you’re ready to give bridesmaids the go-ahead on The Little Black Dress (LBD, or LBBD in today’s post), read on to be inspired by some of our favorites, along with accessories she’ll love. Enjoy!

Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses (photo: a bryan photo)

photo: a bryan photo

Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses (via EmmalineBride.com)Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses (via EmmalineBride.com) - black convertible dress by the jersey maid

1 – one-shoulder black bridesmaid dress | renz
2 – convertible bridesmaid dress | the daintyard
3 – long ‘octopus’ infinity dress | coralie beatrix, photo: maile photography
4 – “million-way” dress | 3rd floor studio co.
5 – strapless sweetheart dress | dessy
6 – convertible bridesmaid dresses | the jersey maid

Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories (via EmmalineBride.com)

Check out these flats! Stylish + wildly comfortable. (Fibi and Clo sent me a pair of these to try and I wholeheartedly love ‘em! I wear them entirely too much.)

Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories (via EmmalineBride.com) - flats by fibi and cloLittle Black Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories (via EmmalineBride.com) - black brooch bouquet by the ritzy roseLittle Black Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories (via EmmalineBride.com) - black and champagne pearl necklace by sukran kirtis

7 – black pashmina | kuldip
8 – earrings | veryell jewellery
9, 10, 11 – black purse, polka dot purse & black headband | davie & chiyo
12 – black flats | fibi & clo
13 – black and white brooch bouquet | the ritzy rose
14 – black, champagne & ivory pearl necklace | sukran kirtis

Happy Planning!


Tell us: what do you think of black bridesmaid dresses? What shade are your girls wearing?


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