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How to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Spotted: we found a sweet and heartfelt way to honor lost loved ones at your wedding. At a side table or entry way table at your reception, include a lighted candle alongside a framed sign that reads something along the lines of, “This candle burns in loving memory of those who are forever present in our hearts.” Make sure you choose a tall hurricane-style vessel — something like this would work — and a lower candle so it is not a safety hazard. Also, check with your venue to make sure you can have candles. If they prohibit real flames, use one of these instead.

How to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding | Photo by Our Labor of Love

photo by our labor of love

How to Wear a Garter — The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide on how to wear a garter for weddings is here! Make sure you’re on the list so you don’t miss other helpful how-to posts in the future!


by southern ever after

Brides: wondering how to wear a garter? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll talk about how to wear a garter, how to measure for a wedding garter, and tell you which leg the garter should be worn. Plus, we’ll talk about that blush-worthy garter toss and tell you whether it’s required. And, in true fashion, we’ll inspire you with the hottest handmade wedding garters this year…

How to Assign Wedding Seats in 4 Easy Steps

How to Assign Wedding Seats in 4 Easy Steps |

by aquariusds

If you are planning a sit-down dinner at your reception, you will need to assign seats to guests. You don’t necessarily need to have guests assigned at specific seats, but you’ll want to assign them to specific tables. In today’s blog post, you’ll find out how to assign wedding seats, why assigned seating is important, who to ask for guidance, whether guest names should be arranged alphabetically or by table, and more! We’re also sharing a few of our favorite seating charts for weddings to inspire you. Let’s cross this one off the to-do list! Read on to get started…

How to Make Beautiful Wine Labels for Weddings

Are you wondering how to make custom wine labels for your wedding? It’s easy when you know where to start! Today we’re sharing our favorite ideas for wine labels from Bottle Your Brand. Be sure to subscribe to our feed so you never miss a post!

wine bottle labels

via bottle your brand

Making personalized wine labels for your wedding has never been easier thanks to Bottle Your Brand! Find out three ways to use custom wine labels in your wedding…

How to Plan an Awesome Champagne Bachelorette Party

pop fiz clink t shirt by thecouturekitten | champagne bachelorette party ideas

by the couture kitten

Maid of Honor: this one’s for you! We’ve talked about how to plan a beach bachelorette party and a hot pink and black bachelorette party (just to name a few)… and now we have a new theme to share! We’ll show you ideas on how to plan a champagne bachelorette party with top picks for venue, invitations, favors, party decor, bridal party tanks and tees, and more! Get ready to be inspired with over twenty hand-picked finds! Enjoy!

How to Make Thank You Cards for Weddings

How to Make Thank You Cards for Weddings | stamp by Felicette | via

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Hi, lovelies! Emma here. I know you’re more than aware that sending thank you cards is a must for your wedding and bridal shower. But what kind of thank you cards should you send? Custom thank you cards (which match your invitations) are a great way to coordinate your entire event, but you usually need to order them with your invitations (and they can be quite costly). That’s why you’ll love this easy DIY thank you card idea! it will save you time and money AND add that personalized touch we know you crave. All you need are a few easy-to-find supplies…

How to Plan a Coffee Themed Wedding

coffee themed wedding

photo: birdsong photography

Happy Friday, loves! Do you remember this song by Landon Pigg? The one about falling in love at a coffee shop? I heard it the other day and it reminded me of this fun coffee themed wedding post we did a long time ago. So, I dug it up, freshened it up, added some really fun new ideas, and here it is! Just in time for the weekend. It may be getting slightly warmer out, but curling up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa is still my idea of a relaxing Friday night. In this post, we’ll show you how to plan a coffee themed wedding (or bridal shower) with a few easy-to-find ideas to make a totally chic coffee theme. Read on to get inspired with coffee wedding centerpieces, decor, coffee themed wedding favors and much more! Enjoy!