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12 Most Creative Alternatives to Try for Weddings

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garland by katz corner boutique

Happy Wednesday, loves! When you are knee-deep in planning your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in cookie cutter ideas or traditional ways of doing everything. We encourage you to think outside the box when planning your big day; skip traditions you don’t like, participate in the ones you love, and start a few of your own! To kick start your creativity, we’ve gathered our favorite wedding alternatives to transform every detail of your big day. Read on to see which wedding alternatives made the cut…

10 Amazingly Festive New Year’s Eve Ideas for Weddings

Happy New Year’s Eve! And blink, just like that, 2015 fades quickly into 2016 tonight. How did that happen? This year, I’m resolving to NOT make a resolution, since they never really work out for me. Instead, I’m doing something different: this happy things jar I spotted on Pinterest where you fill an empty jar with little folded notes about good things that happen throughout the year. Then you read them the following New Year’s Eve and reflect on all the wonderful things that happened. My jar will undoubtedly be filled with amazing things little Andrew does, like how today he said, “Bless you, Mama” when I sneezed (!!), and about the arrival of Baby #2 in May (!!) and how he or she will bring us more joy than we imagined possible, as Andrew has. Probably also some hilarious things that Andrew tells me as jokes, some awesome house projects, and hopefully some big goals accomplished on my own list. If I had to guess, yours might include things about your wedding planning (hopefully letting us alleviate some of the stress along the way), the big day and all the events that come with it (bachelorette party, bridal shower), and the honeymoon. You’ll probably also talk about registering together because it’s way too much fun. No doubt you’ll have an awesome year ahead. I just know it. :) Today we’re sharing some fun New Year’s Eve wedding ideas I rounded up as inspiration. Read on to find out what I’ve discovered and see why NYE weddings rule. Enjoy!

oh shiny paper co

by oh shiny paper co.

30 Amazing Halloween Wedding Ideas

Hi loves and Happy Friday! Are you excited about Halloween tomorrow? We hope so! Little Andrew is going to be a fuzzy lion and when he walks his tail wags just a little. It’s so adorable. Plus, I’ve already sampled plenty of candy. Skittles. Snickers. M&Ms. So far, so good. I have to make sure they taste good enough to pass out to Trick or Treaters, you know. I take candy quality control quite seriously here.

Today we’re highlighting our favorite Halloween wedding ideas in honor of the season! If you’re a bride who dreams of a fall wedding, brisk temps, an orange-and-black color palette, this may be the theme for you. Read on to see thirty of our favorite hand-picked Halloween wedding ideas for a fun – and surprisingly stylish – wedding theme. And, as just a tip: you needn’t go nuts on the Halloween themed ideas here. Just a few will do — you still want it to look like a wedding (and not a Halloween party), after all. Enjoy!

Halloween Wedding Ideas

1. Halloween Wedding Invitations

vintage halloween invitations

by my lady dye

2. Mr. and Mrs. (Frankenstein + His Bride) Coffee Mugs

Perfect for pumpkin spice coffee. Hot cocoa. Tea. Hot apple cider. YUM.

halloween wedding ideas via 30 Amazing Halloween Wedding from

by lenny mud

5 New Handmade Wedding Finds from The Marketplace

Have you popped into The Marketplace lately? It’s the number-one source for the best handmade wedding finds and it is exclusive to Emmaline Bride. We work with the most amazing artisans on the planet! Today we’re featuring five of our favorite new finds, in case you missed them. We’ve found a gorgeous bridal hair pin, a lace wristlet for the bride, a delightful bird cake topper duo, a woodland invitation suite, and a pair of oh-so-cute shoes for the flower girl. Enjoy!

Handmade Wedding Finds

1. This bridal hair pin from Gadegaard Design

bridal hair pin photo - photo by tina liv, hair pin by gadegaarddesign
by gadegaard design, photo: tina liv

2. This white lace wristlet from Good Marvin

white lace wristlet by Good Marvin | via 5 New Handmade Wedding Finds - Emmaline Bride
by good marvin

3. This bird cake topper in green by Mave Crochet

wedding cake topper birds by Mave Crochet | via 5 New Handmade Wedding Finds - Emmaline Bride
by mave crochet

4. This woodland wedding invitation suite by Splash of Silver

woodland wedding invitation suite by splash of silver | via 5 New Handmade Wedding Finds - Emmaline Bride
by splash of silver

5. These adorable flower girl shoes from Bitsy Blossom

flower girl shoes with rosette by bitsy blossom | via 5 New Handmade Wedding Finds - Emmaline Bride
by bitsy blossom

Handmade Wedding Finds

If you want to see any of these in further detail, just click on the photo or the link underneath it. To see more inspiring handmade wedding finds, visit The Marketplace. There are new items added daily! ♥


Proposal Idea: The Marry Me Mug

Oh, you’re going to love this adorable idea. Since we just talked about wedding coffee bar ideas, I knew it was the perfect time to tie in this DIY marry me mug. If you’re going to propose soon, and need the best proposal idea ever, this is one of them! Introducing the marry me mug, a mug that has the words, ‘Marry Me’, written in the inside, at the bottom, so it is revealed after she is done drinking her beverage. I think it would go something like this: guy makes girl delicious cup of coffee. Girl sits on couch waiting for said coffee, cuddling up underneath an afghan. Guy brings coffee — one mug for him, the other is the marry me mug for girl — and they converse for a pretty solid amount of time. Girl drinks her coffee too slow, it’s too hot, and boy gets impatient. He’s sweating, nervous, but he also has to drink the hot coffee because otherwise she would wonder what’s up. With each sip, he gets nervous… when will she see it?

diy marry me mug


And there it is, ‘Will You Marry Me’ right on the mug. Girl sees it and suddenly realizes what is going on. She looks over at boy, kneeling, ring box in hand, telling her how awesome she is and why he wants her to be his wife and that everyone she loves is in the other room waiting to run out and surprise her. Balloons. Candles. Dessert. An impromptu engagement party. She takes photos with her cell phone and uploads them to Facebook. They give coffee favors to guests who attended, as sort of an inside joke. They start planning their wedding and live happily ever after.

See? So easy! ;)


Peach and Mint Wedding Inspiration (+ Win!)

Hi, loves! Emma here. I’ve talked about my admiration for mint wedding ideas in the past, but add peach to the color palette and I’m in love! Today we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite peach and mint wedding ideas to inspire your color palette. This color combination is ideal for spring or summer weddings and you can decide to do mostly peach, mostly mint, or a healthy mix of both. They’re beautiful shades that complement each other nicely. Plus, to sweeten the post, we’ve teamed up with the ladies of Rustic Gem Jewelry to offer one of our favorite finds below as our newest wedding giveaway item! What is it? Read on to find out!

peach and mint wedding colors
aqua teardrop infinity necklacepeach brooch wedding favor box

where to buy //

1 – peach and mint wedding bouquet | curious floral
2 – mint bridesmaid dress | lhc couture
3 – peach and mint wedding earrings | rustic gem jewelry (*giveaway item! see below)
4 – peach and mint bridesmaid clutches | juneberry stitches
5 – peach and mint wedding backdrop | handmade by jennifer chase
6 – invitations | diva gone domestic too
7 – heart cupcake toppers | kiwi tini creations
8 – mint save the date | the roche shop
9 – mint teardrop infinity necklace | rustic gem jewelry
10 – peach brooch favor box | glamourwed

Peach and Mint Wedding Giveaway: Win a Pair of Earrings

If you like this color palette, you’ll really love the item up for grabs! Rustic Gem Jewelry is giving away a pair of their peach and mint wedding earrings, one of their best sellers, as seen above (#3) and below.

peach and mint earrings rustic gem jewelry

Giveaway Details

o Enter between 6/25/14-7/1/14 (11:59pm EST)
o Prize: Peach and Mint Earrings by Rustic Gem Jewelry (shown below)
o Winner will be randomly selected and announced on 7/2; winner announced on this blog post and emailed
o Winner has 72 hours to respond to email or new winner will be selected
o FREE shipping included to U.S. and Canada
o No purchase necessary
o Winner has 3 months to claim prize
o Prize value: $34 | No cash value
o Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win
o Use entry form below to enter

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Are Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses a Good Idea?

YES. A million times YES. Black bridesmaid dresses are ALWAYS a classic choice, especially in the fall and winter months. If you were a bridesmaid and the bride said, “Pick any dress you love in black”, it would be a dream come true. (You probably already even have one in your closet!) A black dress is always in style and your bridesmaids will actually wear their dress again. Black bridesmaid dresses are easy to buy off of the rack, they’re wildly affordable, and even mismatched bridesmaid dresses in black look tailored and chic. (Blue or green boast millions of shades, but black is black.) So, if you’re ready to give bridesmaids the go-ahead on The Little Black Dress (LBD, or LBBD in today’s post), read on to be inspired by some of our favorites, along with accessories she’ll love. Enjoy!

Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses (photo: a bryan photo)

photo: a bryan photo

Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses (via Black Bridesmaid Dresses (via - black convertible dress by the jersey maid

1 – one-shoulder black bridesmaid dress | renz
2 – convertible bridesmaid dress | the daintyard
3 – long ‘octopus’ infinity dress | coralie beatrix, photo: maile photography
4 – “million-way” dress | 3rd floor studio co.
5 – strapless sweetheart dress | dessy
6 – convertible bridesmaid dresses | the jersey maid

Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories (via

Check out these flats! Stylish + wildly comfortable. (Fibi and Clo sent me a pair of these to try and I wholeheartedly love ’em! I wear them entirely too much.)

Little Black Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories (via - flats by fibi and cloLittle Black Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories (via - black brooch bouquet by the ritzy roseLittle Black Bridesmaid Dresses & Accessories (via - black and champagne pearl necklace by sukran kirtis

7 – black pashmina | kuldip
8 – earrings | veryell jewellery
9, 10, 11 – black purse, polka dot purse & black headband | davie & chiyo
12 – black flats | fibi & clo
13 – black and white brooch bouquet | the ritzy rose
14 – black, champagne & ivory pearl necklace | sukran kirtis

Happy Planning!


Tell us: what do you think of black bridesmaid dresses? What shade are your girls wearing?

Get Inspired: Vintage Bridal Hairstyles

Vintage-loving brides: we have a treat for you! Today we’re sharing vintage bridal hairstyles, gowns, and decor in an inspirational shoot. The hair stylist, Jennifer Grace, designed these gorgeous hairstyles with a vintage twist, while photographer Amy Carroll captured the images beautifully. The hairstyles, the gowns, and even the setting fit the theme perfectly. Read on to be inspired…

Vintage Bridal Hairstyles (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)

Vintage Bridal Hairstyles

Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hair / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hair / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hair / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)Vintage Bridal Hairstyles / Inspiration Shoot (hair: jennifer grace; photography: amy carroll photography)

If you liked what you’ve seen here, be sure to check out Jennifer Grace for your upcoming wedding! Jennifer Grace is a Featured Hair Stylist in The Bridal Book at Emmaline Bride and was voted the Best Bridal Hair Stylist in Grand Rapids, Michigan. View her listing here. Thank you to Amy Carroll Photography for the beautiful images.

Happy Planning!


6 Creative Save the Date Ideas

Hello, loves! Have you shared the exciting news of your wedding with friends and family yet? A fun way to do so is with a save the date. You may have see traditional save the date ideas in the past, but today’s round-up of creative save the date ideas are anything but boring! Read on to see which new ideas made the list and tell us how you’ll ‘save the date’. Enjoy!

Creative Save the Date Ideas

1. Scratch Off

I love this new scratch off save the date! Guests receive the card in the mail and use a coin to reveal the wedding date.

6 Creative Save the Date Ideas - scratch off save the date by cricket printing

cricket printing

2. Coasters

These coasters share the exciting news and function as a drink coaster. Cute!

6 Creative Save the Date Ideas - coaster save the date by the blush market

the blush market

3. Wood Magnet

Rustic wedding? Take a peek at these woodland inspired wood magnets, perfect for the fridge so it’s always in view.

6 Creative Save the Date Ideas - wood magnet by wedding save the dates

wedding save the dates

4. Tile Magnet

This tile magnet incorporates your state (and you know how much we love state themed wedding ideas!)

6 Creative Save the Date Ideas - state outline tile magnet by my little chickadee creations

my little chickadee creations

5. Word Search Puzzle

Make it interactive with a word search save the date.

6 Creative Save the Date Ideas - word search by suite paper

suite paper

6. Mini Polaroid Magnet

Last but not least, check out these mini polaroid magnets, a fantastic way to showcase a favorite photo.

6 Creative Save the Date Ideas - mini polaroid magnet by mini polaroid magnets

mini polaroid magnets

How will you save the date?

Happy Planning!


Help for your DIY Photo Project

Hi, loves! There’s DIY… and then there’s professional DIY. Sometimes, you need a little assistance at the helm of your DIY photo project, especially when it comes to your wedding. You want your photo save the dates, wedding scrapbook pages, and thank you cards — not to mention albums — to look their very best. Mixbook is here to help! This printing service is a great asset to have, especially when you’re ready to try your hand at a little at-home DIY. Read on to find out more…

DIY Photo Project


After your wedding, you still have a few last 'to-do's to tackle. First, you'll want to properly thank your guests for sharing in your special day. One product that Mixbook offers as its specialty is the customizable thank you card. You can create custom thank you cards using photos from your own wedding and your choice of different designs and styles. Friends and family go above and beyond to add to your special day, and so it's incredibly important that you send out hand-written notes that express your gratitude.

Here are a few styles that caught our eye:

DIY Photo ProjectDIY Photo ProjectDIY Photo ProjectDIY Photo Project

After your thank you cards are signed, sealed, and delivered, you'll want to commemorate your wedding photos in a special way. You can make your own custom collage pages, arrange photos where you'd like them to appear -- even put a favorite wedding photo right on the cover. Whether you're making a custom wedding album for yourself, your parents, or another family member, Mixbook can help your project look its very best.

DIY Photo Project

DIY Photo Project

Ready to get started with your DIY photo project? Visit Mixbook today! And, don't forget to use the exclusive Emmaline Bride code to get 50% off all cards! Use code SUMRWED50 at checkout. *This offer is only valid with coupon code SUMRWED50. This offer cannot be combined with other coupons, vouchers, Groupons, or applied after an order has been placed. Discount applies only to completed projects. No adjustments on previous purchases. Shipping and taxes will apply. This offer does not apply to Mosaic. Offer expires 2013-10-01 (11:59 pm PDT).

This is a sponsored post by Mixbook.

Happy Planning!