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Top 20 Fitness Accessories to Try Right Now

Happy Friday! Okay, so lately I’ve been getting full-swing into fitness mode. I think it’s the change of seasons and the excitement for warm weather, or maybe it’s because the winter blahs made me feel like a bear in hibernation. Anyone feel the same way? Lately, though, I’ve signed up for a few fitness classes, I started power walking workouts, and I’m feeling so much better. If you are stressed out while planning your wedding (or, simply living in today’s fast-paced world) and you feel stuck in a winter rut… this is the post for you! Today, I (Emma here!) am sharing twenty of my favorite fitness accessories to inspire you. Whether you want to get rid of excess stress, shed a few extra pounds from the winter, or want to put those endorphins into high-kicking gear (and feel good!) you’ll love these fitness accessories. Each of these items is one I would recommend to family, friends, and, of course, to you, my dear readers, as I’ve tried each of them and wholeheartedly love them. Read on to be inspired…

Top 20 Fitness Accessories to Try Today (by #fitness #exercise