8 Creative Ways to Hold Your Ring

Hi loves! So, over the weekend I had the pleasure of hanging with my awesome Mom and Dad and catching up. One of the things we talked about was how my parents met each other and their engagement. My Dad said that from the moment my Mom put his wedding ring on his finger, he has never taken it off. Ever. Like, not even when he had to have stitches in his hand and he told the doctor, sorry, this ring is staying on. (They had to put tape over it.) Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? That’s certainly something you don’t hear very often, especially when people take their rings off daily for washing or to use cleaning products. And, as a side note, his ring cost $81 and still looks great thirty-eight years later. That’s amazing. For those of you who do take your ring off (and you’d like a secure place to temporary hold it), we’ve rounded up a few creative ring holders we know you’ll love. These ring holders can be used as a ring bearer ‘pillow’ and as a temporary holding spot at your sink afterward. Plus, you can even win one for free thanks to the lovely Elycia Camille. These make great gifts, too! Enjoy!

8 Creative Ring Holders

1. Ring Holder Flower Dish

First, check out this unique ring holder set inside a dish. I love this one because it not only has a easy place to hold your ring, but it can be custom-stamped with your names, too. By Miss Pottery.

8 Creative Ring Holders (ring dish by Miss Pottery)

2. Ring Holder Frame

Ooh, this one’s pretty! Hang your ring on a small photo frame-turned ring holder by The Charming Peach.

8 Creative Ring Holders (ring frame by The Charming Peach)

3. His & Hers Ring Bowls

A spot for his ring, a spot for hers! These ring bowls are a favorite because they keep your rings in a secure place, pop with a bright burst of color, and feature your wedding date. By Elycia Camille.

8 Creative Ring Holders (his and hers ring bowls by Elycia Camille)

4. Bird Ring Holder

Who knew a sweet birdie could hold your ring so well? By Melissa Maya Pottery.

8 Creative Ring Holders (ring holder by Melissa Maya Pottery)

5. Word Tiles Ring Frame

Whether taking a shower, going for a run, or cleaning the house, this word tiles ring frame will hold yours – and his – wedding ring in a convenient location. By Keep Calm And Hang On.

8 Creative Ring Holders (word tile ring holder by Keep Calm And Hang On)

6. Monogram Ring Dish

Show off your new monogram in a convenient ring holder, which can be set on your sink. By Say Your Piece.

8 Creative Ring Holders (monogram ring dish by Say Your Piece)

7. Shabby Chic Ring Holder

This is another ring holder set on a frame, but I like the heart charm that reads ‘Mr and Mrs’. Cute! By The Papery Nook.

8 Creative Ring Holders (shabby chic ring holder by The Papery Nook)

8. Wood Ring Box

This wooden ring box can be used as a ring pillow and re-used later as a place to hold your ring. By End Grain Wood Shoppe.

8 Creative Ring Holders (wood ring box by End Grain Wood Shoppe)

Giveaway! Win a Ring Bowl

Creative Ring Holders (I Do Ring Bowl by Elycia Camille)

One (1) lucky winner will receive a custom “I Do” Ring Bowl with custom interior text by Elycia Camille. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on the blog post and via email. Free shipping included anywhere. Must order bowl within 6 months. Bowl takes at least 10 business days to custom make. Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win. No purchase necessary. No cash value. Enter between 9/4/13 – 9/10/13 (11:59pm EST). Good luck!

Happy Planning!


What’s your favorite of these creative ring holders?

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