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We Dare You Not to Look

Posted January 24, 2012 | 14 Comments

Love the first look wedding idea for a photo, but unable to agree on whether or not to save the first glimpse for the aisle walk? Fair enough: today, we’re bringing you a brilliant solution. This sentimental, suitable-for-instant-framing first look wedding idea captures the bride and groom reading a love letter written for the wedding day. Can you see + feel the 8593584398 emotions captured in this single photograph? We’re all teary-eyed over here just looking at it! (spotted via North Carolina Charm via Pinterest)

photo credit: d personett photography


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  • Julienne V.

    Wow. This picture is so perfect. I’m teary eyed as well!

  • wedding dresses

    WOW!!!Really a wonderful idea!!!Expressing themselves though the love letter is so moving and unique!! And I love this photo captured!!!

  • bridal_bear

    this is such a sweet photo, i love how they capture the emotion on her face, so sweet! makes me want to cry!!

  • Kerrie G’s Diamante Hair Pins

    I love the emotion captured on her face, I hope she didn’t ruin her makeup!

  • Orly {the boutique photographer}

    what a great idea

  • louise | b.loved

    Such an emotional image!

  • invitation consultants

    so so sweet!

  • Komal Powell

    awe, that’s so stinkin’ sweet!

  • Blair Van Bussel

    Such a beautiful capture! :)

  • Stephanie [Luxe Boulevard Bridal]

    I love the difference in them here, man and woman. You can see her, all kinds of emotional and choked up, and he is just intently reading her words to him, taking every bit of it in, in all seriousness.

    Oh, and his boutonniere is sensational!

  • Jennie – Duryea Place Designs

    Wow, how sweet and powerful is that photo?! Love it!

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