12 Clever Ring Bearer Pillow Ideas

Brides: today we’re helping you tackle one important to-do on your wedding list. Bride-to-be, Michele, sent us the following question: “What does the ring bearer carry? Are ring pillows still ‘in’? Do you know of any other ring bearer pillow ideas or alternatives?” Great question, Michele! While the traditional ring pillow is the most popular (and classic) option, there are other ring bearer pillow ideas we’re happy to share with you. When picking out your ring bearer pillow, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. Read on to find out what the tips are, get inspired with twelve clever ring bearer pillow ideas, and tell us what YOUR ring bearer carry down the aisle!

12 Clever Ring Bearer Pillow Ideas + Alternatives (via EmmalineBride.com)

Ring Bearer Pillow Ideas

First, when picking out your ring bearer pillow be sure the item is not too big. For instance, if he’s a little guy, don’t give him something heavy or awkwardly-shaped for him to carry down the aisle. Also, it is a good idea to use a ‘decoy’ ring on the ring pillow if you’re walking on grass or sand, in case the ring comes untied accidentally. Finally, have a designated spot for the ring bearer pillow to be placed at the end of the aisle, whether it be on a table, on a pew or bench, or a chair. It can also be handed to someone to hold until after the ceremony.

Ready to be inspired? Here are fourteen clever ring bearer pillow ideas and alternatives we’ve discovered just for you:

1. Ring Pillow

First, let’s begin with the ring pillow. It’s classic, easy-to-customize for any theme, and a traditional wedding favorite. We love this burlap and floral option spotted at Nana Rose Designs as one example.

burlap ring pillow - ring bearer pillow ideas

nana rose designs

2. Nest

Planning a spring wedding? A nest with personalized ‘eggs’ is a cute idea.

ring bearer nest - ring bearer pillow ideas

dear jes

3. Ring Box

Keep the rings safe inside a wood box, customized with your choice of paint and a personalized heart embellishment.

ring bearer box - ring bearer pillow ideas

pnz designs

4. Banner

Ooh, this banner is one of our favorites! Simply put, it tells guests: “Here Comes the Bride”. See? The ring bearer doesn’t even have to carry the rings (just give them to the best man ahead of time).

here comes the bride banner - ring bearer pillow ideas

the ritzy rose

5. Dish

This sweet dish holds your rings and can be used afterward at your sink or on your nightstand.

ring bearer dish - ring bearer pillow ideas

skye art

6. Wood Slice

Rustic brides: a wood slice is a must-have ring bearer ‘pillow’. Personalize with your monogram and re-use as reception decor after the ceremony.

wood slice ring pillow - ring bearer pillow ideas

pnz designs

7. Book

A hollowed-out book is a fun alternative for the ring bearer ‘pillow’. After the wedding, it can hold wedding keepsakes on your bookshelf.

ring bearer book - ring bearer pillow ideas

duryea place designs

8. Baseball

Play ball: after the rings are carried down the aisle, the little guy can keep this as a gift.

ring bearer baseball - ring bearer pillow ideas

sparkle and posy

9. Bowl

Love is All You Need. Truth. This bowl is a cute idea — and I love the personalization.

ring bearer bowl - ring bearer pillow ideas

elycia camille

10. Seashell

Beach-bound brides: a seashell ring bearer pillow is a perfect fit for your theme!

ring bearer seashell - ring bearer pillow ideas

by the seashore

11. Canoe

A (miniature) canoe. Who would’ve thought this would be so stinkin’ cute? Perfect for the outdoorsy couple.

canoe ring pillow

white tulip boutique

12. Sign

This easy-to-carry sign is cast with ‘Here Comes the Bride’.

here comes the bride sign - ring bearer pillow ideas


Now that you’ve seen a few of our favorite ring bearer pillow ideas and alternatives, we want to know… what will YOUR ring bearer carry down the aisle?

Happy Planning!


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