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Rainbow Cake in a Jar

Last week, we showed you the oh-so-yummy cheesecake in a jar, and today we’re showing you a slight spin on the in-a-jar craze: rainbow cake in a jar! Can you imagine a DIY jar bar with mason jars, a variety of different cakes, yummy vanilla frosting, and rainbow sprinkles? Sounds amazing to us! Don’t forget lids, spoons, and tags for guests to take ’em to go!

Rainbow Cake in a Jar - fun idea for #wedding favors, bridal shower #favors, or birthday party favors!

Rainbow Cake in a Jar - fun idea for #wedding favors, bridal shower #favors, or birthday party favors!

Rainbow Cake in a Jar

This cake-in-a-jar recipe was spotted at Babble in an article by Brooke McKay. I think these would make a fun wedding favor for guests at your reception or even as a bridal shower favor (so you can make less quantities). According to our readers, we’ve heard these can be time-consuming… so be sure to do plenty of practice runs before the real deal. Check out the full recipe here! Happy baking!

Photos copyright Babble.

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14 Comments on "Rainbow Cake in a Jar"

Viri en Casa
May 27, 2014

oh wow! i love it!!! Is so colorful! I featured it on my blog, Thanks for your great idea!!

James Bond Bond
March 27, 2014

Bundles of thanks for providing such kind of blogs with the informative
and impressive

February 12, 2013

I just did this! It was a little more time consuming then I had planned on… but it all work out fine! I figured out that I needed to be neat inside the jars to keep the colors looking nicer (like no random drips or stuff around the top of the jars I wiped off before baking). I was talking with a friend on the phone when I was mixing the batter… she suggested I should make one as a test, that was so wonderfully helpful! I wanted to make the cake only half full or so when baked so I could get the frosting all the way in the jar and close the lid! (I would have messed up all the jars!) It takes alot less cake batter then I thought! I made mine in jelly jars, because I made mine for kids at a basketball game. They loved it so much! It was my daughter’s birthday, homecoming, and a school night all rolled into one! A great time with the cake that could go off with the kids as they enjoyed the game too! Also, I made labels that said Happy Birthday on the lids, large enough to go on the jars over the lids but under the ring. My friend on the phone thought the label should read “made by the best mom ever”!!! :) It was really fun to do! I am going to make red, pink, and white ones Thursday for the Valentines Party for my next daughter!!! :) Thanks for the great idea!!!

December 10, 2011

I have so many baby food jars that I go through and I was pondering the thought of using baby food jars to use for the cake! Thoughts? How long would I have to bake them? Would it be safe?

October 16, 2011

wow this is amazing! I featured it on my blog, I hope you’ll like it:


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