How to Turn Your Wedding Song into Art

Good morning and Happy Saturday! We’re bringing you fresh wedding inspiration all weekend long, since wedding planning doesn’t come to a halt for a weekend break. Let’s just hope you’re doing wedding planning in comfy pajamas with a huge cup of coffee at hand. You are? Good. Let’s begin. :)

So, what’s your wedding song? Mine is “The Other Half of Me” by Bobby Darin. My husband and I have a sentimental story in relation to the song, so it seemed fitting for our first dance as husband and wife. Yesterday, I read this article which quoted one bride’s recent post-wedding song serenade. She was cooking dinner in her kitchen and tending to her baby boy when her wedding song came on over the radio. On cue, her husband came in after hearing the song and took her for an impromptu twirl on the kitchen tile. While it does sound like something out of a made-for-tv-movie, it did prove an interesting point: a wedding son is definitely worth having. The couple reminisced about their wedding day and the years leading up to this moment they shared, now with a baby in a high chair and a few years of experience in the marriage department.

While this story may rate a 9.0 on the adorableness scale, let’s be realistic: we know that songs like Ben Folds’ “The Luckiest” or that song your hubby recorded onto a mix tape back in high school won’t make the cut for your local radio station’s top ten list. And you know what? That’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay; it simply means your wedding song is worthy of a special tribute. So, today we’re showing you one beautiful way to pay tribute to your wedding song through a DIY fit for hanging in your love nest. We’re going to show you one way to turn that wedding song into an art piece to admire every morning while you grab that first cup of coffee.

how to turn your wedding song into art

above: Beautiful bride, Sarah, shares her first dance with husband, Pete, from this Real Wedding post

How to Turn Your Wedding Song into Art

This diy wedding song idea comes to us via Pinterest from the lovely people over at This Humble Home. Ana, the craftista behind this darling DIY, shoes us how to turn your wedding song into art with a few materials available at your local craft store. In fact, she bought her panels from Michael’s dollar store rack finds (she had us at Michael‘s) with a little mod podge and some stylish printing on cardstock. You could also probably use canvas panels, too. Here’s what it looked like before…

diy wedding song

And… here’s the final unveil…

diy wedding song
diy wedding song

Didn’t she do a beautiful job? We think so, too. Check out the full how-to scoop here for a fun DIY you can do over the weekend. Oh, and if you know your best friend’s wedding song and she’s getting married soon, make her one as a perfect bridal shower gift! She’ll love it. And, I have a hunch it will get more daily use than the blender for which she registered.


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