Cross Stitch Wedding Party Guest Book

Hello, hello! Happy Feels-Like-Tuesday-But-It’s-Really-Friday to you! Brides, are you looking for the most amazing wedding guest book that will make you smile for years to come? We found it! Now you can capture your wedding party in sweet cross stitching thanks to the folks at French Knot Weddings. This cross stitch wedding party guest book (say that three times fast) represents the likeness of your wedding crew, complete with custom cross stitched dresses, hairstyles, and more. A wedding date and “My Whole Heart, My Whole Life” (or other favorite thirty-character phrase of your choosing) can be included at the bottom for total personalization. You can use the blank pages to fill with guests’ signatures and well wishes, paste polaroid photos from your photo booth, scrapbook your wedding planning adventure, or fill it with photos from your engagement shoot or wedding day. Read on to see more…

Cross Stitch Wedding Party Guest Book

cross stitch wedding party guest book
cross stitch wedding party guest book

photos by the always lovely Izzy Hudgins Photography

Adorable! The finished cross stitch wedding party is atop a beautifully bound book that measures 10″ x 14″ x 1.5″ and can fit up to 8 custom bridal party members. If you require more, custom orders are welcome. See more at French Knot Weddings, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace.

Happy Planning!


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Sara @ Top Southern Weddings

What an adorable cross stitch!

Maggie @ Best Wedding Destinations

This is so beautiful!