Flower Cake Toppers

Good morning + happy Friday to you all! We’re kicking off the posts today with these adorable handmade flower cake toppers made of fabric. Add these toppers to your wedding cake, bridal shower cake, or birthday cake (any cake will do, really) to add a sweet little grove of flowers to it. These have been handmade in a variety of colors such as dark purple, lilac, baby girl, bright pink, orchid, or bubble gum. I’m pretty sure you don’t even need a reason to celebrate – just add one of these toppers to an ordinary cupcake to celebrate a mini victory in your day. ;) For fifteen dollars you get one full set of six toppers. I think every home deserves a pocketful of flower tops!

flower cake toppers
flower cake toppers
flower cake toppers

fabric flower cake toppers ♡ by Pretty Swell + photography by natalie norton

Refill that coffee! There is plenty more inspiration coming up soon!

Happy Planning!


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