Metallic Guest Books

Hi, loves! We’ve talked about the loveliness that is Alternative Journals before, but have you seen their metallic guest books? This collection is just one of the new metallic-infused items we’re digging from their shop. Read on to see a close-up of the metallic guest books we love…

Metallic Guest Books

Metallic Guest Books

The metallic guest book collection features super shiny, pretty, lightly distressed texture in leather. The dimensions are 8×8 inches and 1 inch thick with 192 pages. There is a hand sewn headband as an adornment at the top and bottom of the book spine. Each of these guest books is totally handmade just for you.

Metallic Guest Books

Metallic Guest Books

Metallic Guest Books

If you love these metallic guest books, take a peek at the metallic stationery and thank you cards they also offer.

metallic thank you notes

metallic thank you cards

Find out more about these books here.


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