Stepping Stones for Bridesmaids

Question: what should you do when your ceremony takes place outdoors (on grass) and bridesmaids are wearing heels? You could issue a wedges / flats only rule (but that’s no fun) OR you can add stepping stones for bridesmaids! We vote for the latter. Stepping stones give bridesmaids a designated place to stand and keeps their heels from sinking into the grass. Regular stepping stones will work just fine, but then we spotted heart-shaped stepping stones and, well, see for yourself…

Stepping stones for bridesmaids make it easy to wear heels and stand at the ceremony (without digging into the grass).  These heart shaped stepping stones are even more adorable! Get the DIY to make your own.

Stepping Stones for Bridesmaids

Aren’t they adorable? The bride and groom, Jessica and Steven, made these stepping stones themselves! And, that’s not all: they’re also showing other couples how it’s done! Here’s how the stepping stones looked pre-ceremony…

The bride and groom, Jessica and Steven, made their own heart shaped stepping stones for bridesmaids to stand on so their heels wouldn't dig into the grass.

… they even added one for themselves.

Use stepping stones for bridesmaids and the bride so your heels won't get stuck in the grass. #genius #wedding #outdoor #ceremony

all photos above: the nichols via style me pretty

Want to learn how to make your own stepping stones for bridesmaids? Head over to Hello Define where the bride and groom, Jessica and Steven, show you how to make heart stepping stones of your very own!


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Looks like the link to Hellodefine is no longer active. Any idea if the DIY instructions are available anywhere else? Thanks!

Emma | Emmaline Bride

Bummer! I just saw that, too. Maybe their domain is just down… hopefully they renew it and the tutorial returns. I haven’t been able to find a replacement tutorial yet… will keep you posted!