Fun DIY Alert: Tea Bag Bridal Shower Invitation

You know that we’re crazy about wedding theme ideas here, and that doesn’t limit to weddings alone. We also love themed bridal showers, like a tea themed bridal shower as one example. Today we’re showing a unique invitation idea you can do yourself. This tea bag bridal shower invitation is cut into the shape of a tea bag and is ACTUALLY FILLED WITH TEA. Guests receive the invitation, admire its adorableness, and then just snip the side and pour themselves a hot cuppa tea. Cute, right?

tea bag bridal shower invitation

You can fill it with your favorite flavor, like wild sweet orange or chai or this for the winter. YUM.

tea bag bridal shower invitation

Want to Find Out More?

As in, see how it’s done? You can get the full delicious how-to here. By Joy Ang, spotted via Oh So Beautiful Paper.


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