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Re-usable Clay Favor Tags by Marley and Lockyer

Posted November 2, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Good Morning! We’re kicking off the AM with this sweet little idea: re-usable clay favor tags! These tags are handmade by Marley and Lockyer and are creating quite a stir on Pinterest. These were originally tagged as “salt dough” but we have since found out (from the artisan’s blog post) that it is, in fact, earthenware clay. These beautiful clay tags – the original clay tag – can be purchased for use on your wedding favors or holiday gifts for friends. Unlike other favor tags that get tossed, these tags can be re-used after the wedding by guests to pass on the handmade love.

clay favor tags

clay favor tags
clay favor tags

Love, love! What a beautiful design and brilliant idea. Great work, Marley and Lockyer! To see more designs, visit the shop.

Grab another cup of coffee… there’s more handmade love coming up in a flash!


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