5 Reasons to Love Soap Wedding Favors

Hello, hello! Today we’re talking about wedding favors: have you selected what you’ll offer to guests? A wedding favor is an excellent way to say thank you and show guests your appreciation. A wedding favor is not necessarily extravagant; it is meant to be a small token of your appreciation and a take-home gift for guests. I (Emma here!) think the best wedding favors are those that fall into two categories: edible or functional. An edible favor, like a take-home bag of candy from a candy buffet, is enjoyed on the ride home or the next day. A functional favor, like soap wedding favors (which we’ll discuss today), is enjoyed at home until it’s gone. Today, we’re focusing on functional wedding favors, using soap wedding favors as one such suggestion. We’ll also be showcasing an organic line of fabulous soaps, body scrubs, and more from the fabulous team of JenSan. Read on to be inspired…

Soap Wedding Favors

5 Reasons to Love Soap Wedding Favors

1. Everyone uses it.
2. Everyone buys it.
3. You can order custom scents or ingredients.
4. Soap is a wedding favor guests will actually enjoy it.
5. Your purchase supports handmade!

The concept of soap wedding favors is simple enough, right? Everyone buys soap, everyone uses soap, and soap comes in countless colors, scents, shapes, and sizes. Soap wedding favors are an awesome idea because the recipient can use the bar of soap until it disappears, leaving no clutter behind. The folks at JenSan have perfected the art of organic soap, crafting together luxurious combinations of lavender, oatmeal, shea butter, orange, mint, and more in feel-good natural ingredients. The bars are even packaged in 100% recycle Kraft boxes. We recommend purchasing in bulk and gifting one bar per household to save you money. Here is a sampling of favorites:

Soap Wedding Favors

Soap Wedding Favors

Soap Wedding Favors

Soap Wedding Favors

Remember, you can order in bulk to save money! See more soap wedding favors (+ other fantastic organic products) at JenSan + check out their shop here.


P.S. Looking for more wedding favor ideas? Read about it here!

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maria Rocco

Hi I am interested in buying lavender bar soap p


I like the soap favors idea and very useful.

Juha Sompinmäki

This is excellent idea. Too often i see boring wedding favours that are not useful and most likely will be thrown away after some time.


Glad you liked the post, Juha!