Ruffle Flower Girl Dresses (+ Bridesmaids, Too!)

When I browsed the online shelves of the aptly named Everything Ruffles, I was inspired by the sheer loveliness that ensued. Ruffle flower girl dresses, ruffle baby outfits, and even ruffle bridesmaid dresses for women who love the look! Now, I know for a fact that I can’t pull off a dress with pink ruffles (despite my attempt this past weekend at a store with a very lovely, Carrie Bradshaw-esque pink ruffle dress with a sash) but one in a more subtle shade (like chocolate brown or blue) might do! Check out these ruffle flower girl dresses (and bridesmaid dresses, too!) to inspire your upcoming wedding… and, as a sidebar, I love how the dresses are paired with cowboy boots for that rustic (yet girly) feel without being over the top. Enjoy!

ruffle flower girl dresses

Ruffle Flower Girl Dresses

It doesn’t get much cuter than this: ruffle flower girl dresses with sashes and strings of pearls! Each ruffle dress is made to order with custom colors available.

ruffle flower girl dresses
ruffle flower girl dresses
ruffle flower girl dress
ruffle flower girl dresses
ruffle flower girl dresses
ruffle flower girl dresses

And, my favorite…

ruffle flower girl dresses

Ruffle Bridesmaid Dresses

And now, a few ruffle bridesmaid dresses for your lovely ladies!

ruffle bridesmaid dresses
ruffle bridesmaid dresses
ruffle bridesmaid dresses
Ruffle Bridesmaid Dresses (by Everything Ruffles, photo by Lynette Weber) #handmade #wedding

To view more from the collection, visit Everything Ruffles.

where noted: photos by sweetharts photography + lynette weber photography

Happy Planning!


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