How to Include Brooches in Your Bouquet

Brooches in your bouquet? What a clever idea! If you have heirloom brooches passed on to you from a grandmother, great grandmother, or another special person, you can include it in your bouquet! Today, we’re showing you how to include beautiful heirloom brooches in your bouquet with inspiration by A Brooch Bouquet, a shop that crafts bouquets using preserved flowers and gorgeous brooches. Since preserved flowers are used, your bouquet will last forever and incorporate brooches for a truly unique accessory. Read on for details…

brooches bouquet

by peachtree photography

Brooches in Your Bouquet

We’ve talked about brooch bouquets before, but these brooch bouquets are different. Instead of brooches as the sole ingredient, these brooch bouquets place emphasis on blooms with heirloom-quality brooches added to it. You can even incorporate your own special heirloom brooch in the bouquet or have new ones added by their shop; who knows, maybe your brooches will be passed on as heirlooms in future generations! Since this bouquet is preserved, it will last forever and look great in your love nest after the big day.

brooches bouquet

by peachtree photography

brooches bouquet

by peachtree photography

What a clever idea! There are more brooch bouquets with custom orders available, too! To check out additional images or to place your order, please visit A Brooch Bouquet, featured artisan in The Marketplace!

There’s more handmade wedding inspiration coming right up, so grab another cup of coffee and check back soon!

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Happy Planning!


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