Faux Flower Bouquets: Yay or Nay?

What do you think about faux flower bouquets? Would you carry fake blooms instead of fresh flowers down the aisle? The emerging trend of fake flower bouquets has become increasingly more popular among brides — and for good reason. Read on to find out why and get inspired with faux flower bouquets for your big day…

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: the ritzy rose)

by the ritzy rose

Faux Flower Bouquets

Unlike fresh flowers, faux bouquets will never wilt; they last forever. Your bouquet becomes a lasting heirloom instead of a temporary purchase. If you’re allergic to fresh flowers, a bouquet alternative won’t make your nose run or your eyes itch. And, any type of bloom is in season for silk blooms year-round!

1. Brooch Bouquet

A brooch bouquet is constructed with antique brooches and wire to form a ‘bouquet’. This is my favorite bouquet alternative style; where was it when I tied the knot? By The Ritzy Rose.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: the ritzy rose)

by the ritzy rose

2. Button Bouquet

The button bouquet is another brilliant idea and similar to the brooch bouquet. Instead of brooches, buttons are used. This bouquet is by Lillybuds and I simply adore it.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: letters4lilly)

by lillybuds

3. Sola Wooden Flowers

Wooden sola flowers are perfect for rustic weddings. By LA Farm Girl Mercantile.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: la farm girl mercantile)

by la farmgirl mercantile

4. Sheet Music Bouquet

Turn your favorite sheet music into a bouquet! By Surroundings.

Faux Flower Bouquets - Sheet Music Bouquet (bouquet: surroundings online, photo by ashley rose)

by surroundings, photo by ashley rose

5. Vintage Fabric Bouquet

I love the touches of lace and vintage fabrics used in this fab flower arrangement. There are so many varieties available, too. By Innstyches.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: innstyches)

by innstyches

6. Peony Bouquet

Love peonies year-round? These cupped peonies are some of the prettiest silks I’ve ever seen. By Jasmine Burgess Crafts.

Faux Flower Bouquets - Pink Silk Peony Bouquet (bouquet: jasmine burgess crafts)

by jasmine burgess crafts

7. Rosette Flower Bouquet

Something blue… and faux, too! By The Sunflower Stand.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: the sunflower stand)

by the sunflower stand

8. Fabric Flower Bouquet

Your bridesmaids can carry faux flower bouquets, too! Check out this pretty style by Autumn and Grace Bridal.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: autumn and grace bridal)

by autumn and grace bridal

9. Felt Flower Bouquet

Felt takes on a fresh new look as a wildflower bouquet. By Handmade Colectibles.

Faux Flower Bouquets (bouquet: handmade colectibles)

by handmade colectibles

It’s your turn! Do you like faux flower bouquets? Yay or Nay? What will you carry on your wedding day?


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Emma | Emmaline Bride
Ashley Pedersen
I am making my own bouquet! I always knew that i was going to have a faux bouquet because of my allergies. who wants to be a teary eyed sneezing mess on their wedding day? not this girl! I was very lucky in winning a pair of amazing shoe clips from the ever amazing Emici Bridal and to me they were just too pretty to be on my shoes and hidden by my dress so much of the time. That got me thinking how to use them in a more visible way and my idea to make a fabric flower… Read more »

I am actually not carrying anything down the aisle! However, my bridesmaids will be carrying wreaths of boxwood on burlap ribbon.


I made my own bouquet with flowers from IKEA and pearl clusters that I made while sitting around. I loved how my bouquet came out and I also love the fact that I can keep it forever. Not to mention it was only $30 total to make. Cant beat that!

Emma | Emmaline Bride

Heather, Great idea! IKEA offers high-quality flowers (at an affordable price, too). Do you keep it displayed in your home? Wow, $30 – definitely can’t beat that. Thanks for sharing!


I havent found a place for it yet (we just moved) but I am have the perfect vase for it to keep on display. I created a lot of our wedding decor that could double as home decor so I wouldnt feel so bad for spending money on little things

Emma | Emmaline Bride

Great idea! It definitely makes the most of your budget that way.


Oh I’m in love with the peonies and the wooden ones! Too pretty!

Emma | Emmaline Bride

I’m glad you like them! The wooden ones are so unique; I’m really loving sola flowers lately. The peonies look so real! I like how they’re cupped, too. Peonies year-round? Sign me up! :) Thanks for stopping by.