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Tea Bag Cookies

Posted June 22, 2012 | 1 Comment

Happy Friday! We spotted these shortbread teabag cookies via Pinterest from Le Petrin (we translated it here) and couldn’t wait to share. If you’re planning a tea themed bridal shower or wedding, these are a must-have for guests. For the base, Le Petrin uses shortbread flavored with lemon but mentions you can use any flavor you love best (like classic shortbread, almond, vanilla, coffee…) She suggests cutting a tea bag shape from cardboard and using it as your template for the dough, making sure to add a hole at the top. Bake cookies, dip in chocolate, and add a tea tag! Read on to see more…

tea bag cookies

image credit: le petrin

Tea Bag Cookies

Since we love to give credit where due, Le Petrin mentions Accent The Party who offers FREE printable tags with teapots, as shown in these images. You can download the tags here, print, and cut. Or, make your own!

tea bag cookies

image credit: le petrin

For the full tutorial, visit Le Petrin (or translated here). Enjoy!

Happy Planning!


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One Response to “Tea Bag Cookies”

  1. Corinna
    June 26th, 2012 @ 10:18 pm

    What an adorable idea! I can’t wait to have tea parties with my little girl and this is now a must try on my list.

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