Beard Oil + Rugged Salt Scrubs for Burly Groomsmen

Brawny beard oil. Rugged salt scrub. Hardy soap. These are three gift ideas you may not have considered for your groomsmen… until today, that is. We are proud to introduce Hart + Hawthorn, the newest Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride in The Marketplace. While other couples are buying store-bought groomsmen gifts, we know better: our readers crave awesome. Unique. Handmade. Made with care. Our readers crave originality. And, that’s why we’re so excited to share the collection of rugged soaps, beard oil + other curiosities by Patrick and Yu over at H+H. Check out our favorite finds below…

beard oil

Rugged Soap + Beard Oil

If your groomsmen are bearded fellows (or sport a manly mustache every so often), you’ll want to pick up a set of beard oil. These are made for manly men, in scents like birch tar, tobacco, cedarwood, and blood orange.

birch tar beard oil

tobacco beard oil

cedarwood beard oil

blood orange beard oil

No bearded groomsmen in your group? Try the (manly) exfoliating scrubs instead. The most intriguing scents we’ve seen include sea buckthorn, salt of the earth, ancient ambers, and activated charcoal.

sea buckthorn salt scrub

salt of the earth salt scrub

ancient ambers salt scrub

activated charcoal soap

And, last but not least, don’t miss the manly bars of soap, like carbon, pumex, mineral haite, and ancient ambers, wrapped in kraft paper.

manly soaps

To find out more about these salt scrubs, beard oil, or rugged bars of soap, visit Hart + Hawthorn. Tell ’em Emmaline Bride sent you!


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This is genius. Men can be so hard to shop for sometimes! I love how no-fuss this looks!


My fiance has a beard and I never thought about buying beard oil before. Great suggestion. The product design is really cool on these. Thanks for sharing.