5 Best Monthly Boxes to Try Right Now

Have you jumped onto the subscription boxes / monthly boxes bandwagon yet? Want to try the best monthly boxes out there? Get ready to start because we’re bringing them to you! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to test, try, and wait patiently for an entire slew of monthly boxes to tell you which ones truly rock. Which ones are the best. Which ones give you the most bang for your buck. And, today, we present our findings! We’ve selected five of the best monthly boxes spanning across five categories for women including clothing, nails, wedding, makeup, and jewelry. Any of these would make an awesome gift for the you, the bride (or your bridesmaids)! So… which ones lived up to our standards? Find out below… and then tell us: which of these are you eager to try?

Best Monthly Boxes to Try

For Clothing

1. StitchFix

Ah… of all of the monthly boxes I’ve ever tried, this is my ultimate favorite. I’ve tried StitchFix myself a few times, probably more times than I’d like to admit! (It’s addicting.) Here’s how it works: you complete a quick style profile and schedule a “fix”, the date when a giant, totally-gorgeous box of hand-picked, styled-for-you clothing arrives on your doorstep. Hand-picked. By a stylist who knows what they’re doing (most of the time). Try ’em on and keep the ones you want… return the ones you don’t want in the pre-paid shipping envelope. It’s so. so. so. easy. If you hate trying on clothes at stores, this is the ultimate fix.

P.S. Dudes: there’s now (finally!) a men’s clothing service, similar to Stitch Fix. It’s called Trunk Club.

5 Best Monthly Boxes to Try Right Now

Some of the pieces I’ve picked (and kept) in the past: a long wool trench coat (for Fall, and I can’t freaking wait to wear it)… dolman tops… a blue tunic… scarf… oh, it’s so much fun.

For Nails

2. Julep

What can I say about Julep? It’s the best monthly box for people who love nail polish. Really pretty, trendy, fashionable shades of polish. The bottles are oh-so-cute and your nails ALWAYS look fantastic. I thought, seriously, I’ll just go buy nail polish from the store if I want it so bad, but then the free nail polish offer from Julep encouraged me give it a try. Free polish? Sign me up. Plus, I wanted to try it so I could share my findings with all of you. So I tried the Summer Nights Welcome Box + LOVED it (it was FREE). Would recommend it. You can cancel anytime (and if you do try this, I recommend cancelling right away unless you want your credit card charged again next month with another delivery. Just sayin!) Sometimes they throw in a fun beauty product (I received an eyeliner once that was uber-smooth).

You can get a (completely, totally FREE) box by clicking below:

Summer Nights Welcome Box

(we’re affiliates, but only because we truly love the product!)

For Wedding

3. The Bride Box

The Bride Box is fun, especially if you’re planning your wedding! You can gift to a friend or to yourself. They send a box every month filled with fun wedding swag. Once, I received a burlap print with me & my husband’s wedding date on it! It was super gorgeous and looks fantastic in the frame I bought for it. Other memorable things I got: a chalkboard banner, rhinestone I Do stickers, drink koozies, photo booth props… Try it here.

5 Best Monthly Boxes to Try Right Now

For Makeup

4. LipMonthly

If you love lip gloss, lip stick, lip glaze, lip stain — essentially, anything in the makeup realm for lips — THIS is the best monthly box for you! I received one of these boxes to try and it was really fun. I received a bright red lipstick, a pink lip gloss/stick (it’s now my go-to shade), a lip stain, lip liner, and a hair product sample. Really cute assortment and fun to receive in the mail! Give it a try here. (We’re affiliates, but only because we love this box!)

5 Best Monthly Boxes to Try Right Now

For Jewelry

5. BezelBox

Oh, Bezel Box. This one has stolen my heart. It’s the best monthly boxes for jewelry! They sent me a box to try and I received a few pieces of fun costume jewelry, along with some practical pieces (a mint bracelet with a little bling and a gorgeous pair of dangling earrings). Oh, if you love jewelry… you need this now. Sign up at Bezel Box.

5 Best Monthly Boxes to Try Right Now

So, which one of these boxes looks the most alluring?

Get Started Now

o StitchFix
o Julep
o The Bride Box
o LipMonthly
o Bezel Box

Pssst. There are two fantastic monthly boxes for people with kiddos — Citrus Lane and Kiwi Crate. Give ’em a try if you want! And, if you’re a dude and LOVE the idea StitchFix, now there’s a solution for men: it’s called Trunk Club.


We’re affiliates of StitchFix, Julep, and LipMonthly (and the family / men’s boxes mentioned in paragraph above) but that had no effect on us picking them as the best monthly boxes to try. We honestly love ’em! As with all recommendations, we value our readers oh-so-much that we only recommend things we absolutely adore. Just being honest.

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[…] post about the best monthly boxes was so well-received that I have over two dozen emails about Julep alone! Seems you all love it […]


Great! I definitely read the terms about WHEN to cancel if you don’t want to be charged for the next month… Just glad to hear it can be done easily by email. Thanks for your heads up on a free sample box, Em! Can’t wait to check it out :)


I just joined Maven for the free Julep box! Was wondering how and how soon you cancelled? The only mention I see is located in the FAQ and says you have to call to cancel. Is cancellation a pain? Seems like there should definitely be an option via the website.