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Get ready to learn about a new kind of registry for your bridal shower – a DIY registry! It’s true… we are about to show you a new way to register and you don’t even have to leave your house! There are no store visits required, no scanning guns, no lines, and no rushing around to register on the weekends or after work. This DIY registry can be completed from the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas, while you eat a bowl of ice cream. You can even register in the middle of the night when most stores are closed! And… your DIY registry will include anything you can dream of – even handmade wedding items. Looking for something vintage or a favorite handmade item you found in The Marketplace? Add it to your registry! The possibilities are endless…

diy registry

We have invited our dear friend and colleague Dana Ostomel of Deposit a Gift to share with you her revolutionary cash registry site and show you how to register for anything you can imagine. Take it away, Dana!

DIY Registry: Register the DIY Way!

by Dana Ostomel of Deposit a Gift

For those of us who looooove handmade, thrive on doing it ourselves, get a kick out of antiquing and can’t get enough of Etsy or shopping at our favorite local store, the traditional wedding registry process may come as a bit of a shock.

What’s a gal to do when what you really want is nowhere to be found at a big box store?

Lucky for you it actually is possible to register for exactly what you want, not ‘stuff’ you don’t – be it a new sewing machine, materials to build a stunning deck or to nab the latest flash sale gem. (Or as one of our users exclaimed on their registry site: “Turns out actually can register to remodel your bathroom!”)

No matter where you register, every registry has a theme, whether it’s house wares or a honeymoon, so why not a DIY registry to enhance your home and life with your handiwork and the crafts of others? With a cash wedding registry you can create a fully customized gift list of exactly what you want without being tied to any particular store or vendor – perfect for the flexibility to buy what you want, when you want it, from wherever you like.

A little inspiration…

Register for the supplies you need to kick off your personal creations.

diy gift registry

Register to make your house your home by building, refinishing and shopping your heart out so that it’s totally unique to you (you can even register to hire someone for those jobs that go beyond your reach!)

diy gift registry

Register the details like local artwork or antiques. And while you’re at it, why not take this opportunity to start a garden and beef up your culinary skills for fabulous at-home entertaining?

diy gift registry

It’s your wedding and every aspect of it should be a reflection of you, so why not your registry too? It’s a special opportunity to share a part of yourself with guests in a way that lets them in on the action that just isn’t possible with a traditional registry. And hey, it doesn’t hurt to promise a housewarming so everyone can come over and experience what they helped bring to life ;)

Cheers and happy registering!

-Dana Ostomel

diy registry

Dana Ostomel is the founder and Chief Gifting Officer of the cash wedding registry site: Deposit a Gift. She works closely with her users to ensure they are able to craft the perfect gift list for them. Years before Dana got married, she wondered how anyone could store so many presents—and even if they could, how they had the time to unwrap, return (often), track and use them all. Her marketing background led her to believe she could simplify the registry process—and not just for weddings, but for any big gifting event. And so Deposit a Gift, the next generation gift registry, was born. For more creative registry ideas, keep up with Deposit a Gift on Facebook, Twitter and their blog.

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Thanks for the opportunity to blog with ya’ll! It was so fun to share ways for couples to have total flexibility and ease with their registry experience :) Cheers!


am i mistaken or is this just asking for straight money so you can buy whatever you want? they don’t actually buy you a present, but just deposit cash in to your account? and when you do deposit straight money in to this account, you get charged a “SERVICE/GIFT DELIVERY” fee? but it’s invisible, not an actual thing to be delivered, it’s just money being deposited, so what’s this delivery fee all about? sounds a bit like the emperor’s new clothes to me…

Lauren Elise

What an awesome idea! Traditional registries are total ughs-ville to me so I love this new approach. I’m not getting married but if I was, I would totally want something like this :)