EB HolidayPalooza 2011: Wedding Giveaway #4

Good morning! It’s Day 4 in the EB HolidayPalooza Wedding Giveaway and today we’re offering four amazing wedding giveaway prizes! Read on to see what we’re giving away today and how you can enter for a chance to win! Great prizes ahead!

Wedding Giveaway – #1

wedding giveaway


Winner Announced 12.30.11

And the winners are…

Thank you to all who entereed and to our giveaway sponsors!

Our first giveaway item (above) is a beautiful LOVE poster custom designed by Papermints. This wall art will look lovely in your love nest. (Also, a little birdie told us that Papermints is having a special Holiday sale through the end of December… if you order by December 31st, you’ll receive a Free Wall Print out of five special designs.)

Wedding Giveaway – #2

The next prize is a pair of red chiffon shoe clips by Hot Magnets. These shoe clips are handmade and offer a unique feature: a magnet! No more clipping onto the seam of your shoe. Instead, attach with a magnet! What a great idea!

wedding giveaway

Wedding Giveaway – #3

The next item is a rustic ring bearer pillow by Rustic Blend. This piece of wood, made with a piece of fallen birch tree in the Adirondack Park, features burlap and an orange ribbon strung through the birch to which you can attach your wedding rings.

wedding giveaway

Wedding Giveaway – #4

The final prize is one large beautiful hand-painted sunflower wine goblet. This glass holds 20 oz. and is dishwasher safe. This wine glass is painted by Judi Painted It and will make a lovely addition to your collection or as a gift for your maid of honor.

wedding giveaway

Wedding Giveaway Info

This wedding giveaway works similarly to the others but the difference is we’ll be selecting four winners. Each winner will receive one prize. We will randomly select the winners using random.org and the first winner selected will be able to select which of the four prizes he or she prefers; the second winner can select between the remaining three prizes; the third winner can select between the remaining two prizes; finally, the last winner will win the remaining prize.

How to Enter

This wedding giveaway runs for one day only on December 29th, 2011 at or before 11:59pm EST. Entrants must be 18 years or older to enter and reside in the United States or Canada. It’s easy to enter… simply visit the following shops and comment about one (1) item from each shop that you like best:


Hot Magnets

Rustic Blend

Judi Painted It

After visiting each site, return here to Emmaline Bride and leave a brief comment on which item(s) you liked best at each shop. This will give the sponsors some feedback and give you the chance to enter to win a prize!

You may receive an additional entry by sharing this giveaway on Twitter PLUS another additional entry by sharing this wedding on Facebook! Simply add a separate comment below for each method used so we can credit appropriately.

Good luck! ♥


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  • Kimberley D
  • Kimberley D

    Papermints- “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” Wall Art

    Hot Magnets- Magnetic Blush Pink Ranunculus Flower Shoe Clip

    Rustic Blend- the Burlap wreath with mason jar

    Judi Painted it- love the dark purple daisy glasses.

  • Nicole

    I love the “LOVE Wall Print” from Papermints.
    The “Magnetic Chiffon Flower Shoe Clips in White” would be so perfect from Hot Magnets.
    I’m totally loving the “Burlap ring bearer pillow with birch shaving flower” from Rustic Blend.
    And from Judi Painted It, I love the “Bride and groom stick figure wine glasses,” because they are absolutely adorable!

  • Laura Hibbs

    Papermints: The “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” wall print is adorable. Definitely my favorite!

    Hotmagents: The magnetic bridal Ranunculus flower shoe clips in white with pearl are very classic.

    Rustic Blend: The Adirondack chair cake Toppers are amazing! So clever.

    Judi: The Red and orange hibiscus Iced Tea set and matching pitcher is super cute.

  • Jen b

    Papermints: monogram couple Wall Print.
    Hot Magents: compass cufflinks

    Rustic Blend: table numbers

    Judi: Blood Red wine goblets.

    Also shared on fb.

  • http://www.udreamybridal.com/ udreamy

    shared on my FB

  • Jessica T.


  • Jessica T.

    Facebook status!

  • Jessica T.

    I really liked love is.
    I liked Magnetic Pink Peony Flower Pin Brooch.
    I liked the Burlap ceter pieces!
    And I liked the sunflower wine glass!

  • http://pinch-and-dash.com kimi

    aww it’s a shame that australian readers can’t enter! i would absolutely love the rustic ring bearer. it’s so organic, natural and unpretentious. beautiful!

  • Laura R

    papermints- the love print

    hot magnents- faux pearl shoe magnets

    Rustic Blend- rustic napkin holders with hearts

    Judi- glass pitcher with dragonflies

  • Jade M

    Papermints – I’m a sucker for little birdies, so I loved the ceramic “Home Sweet Home”dish…

    Hot Magnets – the ranuncula magnets! Always have been a fan of that flower…

    Rustic Blend – who wouldn’t love the darling bird nest for ring bearers?!

    Judi Painted it – the bride and groom champagne toasting glasses look elegant :)

  • kristind

    Papermints – Live, Laugh, Love print. Future last name starts with an L so I’d love to put that in there somehow too!

    Hot Magnets – Love the Compass cufflinks. “you never know where love takes you”…

    Rustic Blend – Burlap centerpiece is my favorite.

    Judi Painted It – Bride/Groom toasting flutes are absolutely gorgeous!!

  • kristind
  • Erika

    I LOVE the papermints poster! It is absolutely adorable. My fiance & I are both in college so we are working on building up cute decorations for once we get married and this would be the perfect addition to our collection! It would be perfect forever and would never get old.

  • http://www.crazytxmommy.com Candance

    Papermints-The “I’ll Never Stop Loving You” wall print is lovely!

    Hotmagnets: I’m digging the Magnetic Lime Green Ranunculus Flower Shoe Magnets!

    Rustic Blend: LOVE the rustic heart table numbers!

    Judi Painted it: Love the hot pink magenta daisy hand painted wine glass that holds a whopping 20oz since I’ll have hot pink Gerber Daisies in my wedding!

  • Kelsey B.

    I tweeted as well! Fingers crossed!!


  • Kelsey B.

    From Papermints: The Papermints Love Wall Print is absolutely adorable, and captures the simplicity I’m hoping to achieve at my wedding. It’s adorable and would make a perfect addition to our guestbook table at our August wedding!!

    From Hot Magnets: I’m in love with the Magnetic Chiffon Flower Shoe Clips in Gray. These would look gorgeous with the wedding shoes I’ve chosen!

    From Rustic Blend: The Birch Bark Canoe Ring Bearer Pillow with Moss is so rustic and lovely! I love how unique and different it is!

    From Judi Painted It, I LOVE the set of 2 handpainted Rose Bud Hot Pink champagne flutes! Such a great idea to enjoy a glass of champagne before the wedding with my MOH!

  • kristy

    Papermint – i will never stop loving you poster – adorable!

    Hot Magnets: Magnetic Daffodil shoe magnets

    Rustic blend – hands down the rustic ring bearer pillow.

    Judy painted it – the red and orange hibiscus set. So pretty!

  • http://www.erphotography.net Esther Ramos

    I shared on my Facebook page E.R. Photography about this wedding giveaway!

  • http://www.erphotography.net Esther Ramos

    I shared on my twitter @erphoto about this wedding giveaway!

  • http://www.erphotography.net Esther Ramos

    At Papermints I loved the custom wall art Headline Couple Block Wall Print.

    From Hotmagnets I really liked the Magnetic Pink Peony Flower Pin Brooch.

    From Rustic Blend I liked the Burlap wreath with mason jar.

    From Judi PaintedIt I loved the Heavy glass pitcher hand painted in a magenta pink floral vines design with dragonflies.

  • Larissa

    - Papermints — The Lyrical Song Wall Print is a cute idea and a sweet way to display this memory.

    – Hot Magnets — Magnetic Chiffon Flower Shoe Clips…but do I have to pick a favorite color??

    – Rustic Blend — The Rustic Table Numbers are a personal touch with a hint of understated elegance.

    – Judi Painted It — Purple pansy is a whimsical element to any toast!

  • Cathy

    I shared on facebook :)

    -Cathy V

  • Cathy
  • Cathy

    I love the Lyrical Song Wall Print in blue and sage from Papermints, what a great idea!

    The red flower with white polka dots shoe clip from Hot Magnets is so much fun :)

    I think all the ring bearer ideas from Rustic Blend are such charming alternatives to the usual pillow. My favourite is the Wooden ring bearer box with the cut-out heart.

    The purple lilac hibiscus wine glasses by Judi Painted It are so pretty and springy :)

  • Lauren E.

    Awesome giveaways today!
    From Papermints, I love the “In Love” Wall Print.
    From Hotmagnets, I love the blue rhinestone magnetic shoe clips (perfect for my “something blue”).
    From Rustic blend, I love the Rustic Birds Nest Ring Bearer Pillow.
    From JudiPaintedIt, I love the Handpainted glass pitcher in magenta pink floral vines.

  • Sarah

    I love and want the Monogram Couple Wall Print
    …. very cute!!

    Hot Magnets:
    Magnetic Sage Green Ranunculus Flower Brooch Magnets 3.5″

    Rustic Blend:
    Repurposed metal bronze burlap flower girl basket

    Judi Painted It:
    bride and groom champagne toasting flutes in a red twig design

  • Cara

    - Papermints: The Love is A Beautiful Thing print is adorable!
    – Hot Magnets: Magnetic Chiffon Flower Shoe Clips in Gray are cute
    – Rustic Blend: I would love the chalkboard heart gift tags
    – Judi Painted It: Bride and groom stick figure personalized wine glasses are my favorite, soooo cute!

  • Eliza

    At Papermints I like the Isle Breeze invitations.
    At Hot Magnets I like the magnetic chiffon flower shoe clips in blue turquoise.
    At Rustic Blend I like the rustic flower girl basket with orange flower.
    At Judi Painted It, I like the cerulean blue daisy 20 oz. wine glass.

  • Kristiane Webb

    I adore the featured “love est.” print from papermints! And I think the green chiffon shoe clips from Hot magnets are so cute! I also love the personalized heart ring bearer pillow from Rustic blend and the coffee mug with yellow daisies on it from Judi Painted It!

    Lovely giveaways! Hope I win! :)

  • Tiffany

    I love the Headline Couple wall print at Papermints, the colors and font sizes are perfect.

    The Magnetic Faux Pearl Jeweled Ornamented Shoe Clips at Hot Magnets is so vintage and classy.

    I definitely want some of the Personalized burlap vases from Rustic Blend for our centerpieces and cake table.

    At Judi Painted It, I can’t believe how gorgeous the rose bud painted champaign flutes are. So fun and artistic!

    Thanks for having this giveaway — I just bookmarked four new sites =)

  • Ally G.

    Just shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  • Ally G.

    Just tweeted the giveaway!

  • Ally G.

    I LOVE the “headline couple wall print” from Papermints!

    I like the chiffon flower shoe clip in pink from Hot Magnets.

    The Adirondack chair cake toppers are just adorable from Rustic Blend.

    And the engine red and purple gerbera daisy goblet from Judi Painted It would match the rest of my set from her!

    Hope I win!

  • Leslie A

    Love the classic LOVE wall print from Papermints!
    The white bridal ranunculus shoe clip from Hot Magnets.
    The burlap centerpiece from Rustic blend (super cute for a house, too)..
    and the red/orange hibiscus glasses from Judi Painted It.

    Great giveaway! Such cute items.

  • Lizzy Wales

    I just tweeted @JaneWal1

  • Lizzy Wales

    I love all the wall art on Papermint but especially the lyrical song wall print.

    I like the blue magnetic flower from hot magnets.

    I like the burlap centerpiece from Rustic Blend.

    I like the turquoise daisy wine glass from Judi painted it.

  • christine boruch

    I love the painted sunflower wine glass this would make a perfect gift to my maid of honour:) Please pick me I hope I win!!!!

  • http://tobemrscollier.blogspot.com Sarah

    The “Love is” in purple and green would be perfect because it is our wedding colors!

    The magnetic chiffon grey shoe clips from Hot Magnets.

    The grapevine wedding ring bearer wreath from Rustic Blend.

    And the adorable Winter holiday hot beverage mugs from Judi Painted it.

    So excited about these awesome gifts!!!

  • Michelle

    I love the work of papermints — thanks for sharing it! I particularly love the “LOVE” wall print featured above. It would be a great addition to our new home!

  • http://www.coutureeventsbylottie.com Lottie Fowler

    I shared and facebook and tweeted. ;) ~CoutureEventsbyLottie

  • http://www.coutureeventsbylottie.com Lottie Fowler

    From Papermints, I love the Love is… wall art print.

    From HotMagnets, I adore the Magnetic Chiffon Flower Shoe Clips in Gray

    From RusticBlend, I have to have the smooth chalkboard napkin rings.

    And for JudiPaintedit, I am head of heels for the Blood Red wine goblets

  • Angela Uhlian

    I absolutly loooove the Rustic ring bearer pillow by Rustic Blend!

  • Melissa W

    I shared this amazing giveaway link on my FB Page!

    Melissa Wilkins via Emmaline Bride

    This is an Aesome giveaway..share w/ any future Brides you know!!

    Wedding Giveaway #4 – Handmade Wedding | Emmaline Bride
    Wedding Giveaway! Today we’re offering a wedding giveaway filled with four prizes. Four lucky winners will each win one prize! Read on to see what …..
    Like · · Share · about a minute ago! :)

  • Melissa W

    I Tweeted about this Mind Blowing giveaway!! :)



  • Melissa W

    1)My fav from Papermints is the “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” Wall Art
    2)My fav from Hot Magnets is the Cream Ivory Peony Flower Brooch Magnet
    3)My fav from Rustic Blend is the Burlap Ring Bearer Pillow..would go great w/ my Fall Wedding
    4)My fav from Judi Painted It is the giveaway prize…Sunflower Wine Goblet..I am doing something similar for my centerpieces..love it!

  • Stacy

    I love the LOVE wall art from Papermints; the Magnetic Chiffon Flower shoe clips from Hot Mag
    net, the Thank You luggage tags from Rustic Blend, and the White Daisy Wine Glass from Judi Painted It.


  • Beth

    1. From Papermints I love the hand-written calligraphy choices, and the “Live, Laugh, Love” photo wall print. It is a great way to show case come cute pictures!

    2. For Hot Magnets, I love the magnetic shoe clips in turquoise. I picked these because of the uniqueness of the item and the fact that I’m obsessed with turquoise.

    3. From Rustic Blend I LOVE the “Rustic heart table numbers” in white. I really love everything rustic, so that was hard for me to choose! I like how they are tied together with burlap string/ribbon and are different than all the other ones I’ve seen out there! I REALLY want to win this one :).

    4. From Judi painted It I really like the one you are giving away the best! The sunflower one :)

  • Jenn

    AND shared on facebook!

  • Jenn

    I tweeted about your giveaway!

  • Jenn

    Programs by Papermints are AWESOME! My daughters would love the purple gemstone shoe clips.

    The jewelry box by Rustic Blend are cute, and I love the purple painted wine glasses!

  • Rachel

    I love the Thank You cards by Papermints, the Magnetic Shoe Clips Lavender Purple Ranunculus Flowers Magnets, the Rustic Table Numbers, and the Violet pansy purple daisy hand painted wine glass!

  • Rachel

    I tweeted about the giveaway as well!

  • Rachel

    I shared on facebook!

  • Liz H
  • Liz H

    When I opened up JudiPaintedIt’s Etsy shop I instantly loved the “Red and orange hibiscus Margarita set w matching Pitcher”. It is so festive and fun! But the funniest part is that my fiance and I are buying a house now and in Judi’s description of the item she says it is a great gift for new homeowners!! Im secretly hoping to get this now.

    Im also a fan of the lyric custom wall prints from Papermints.

  • Maria

    So many great prizes!

    My favorite from Papermints is the monogram couple Wall Print.

    I love the Magnetic Blush Pink Ranunculus Flower Shoe Clip Pin Brooch by Hot Magnets.

    Rustic Blend’s Heart hand stamped wooden circles are so adorable!

    Finally, I love the Set of 4 Autumn/ Fall gold leaf design from Judi Painted It!

  • Katie Maresca

    The “Love Is” wall art is very simple yet makes a powerful statement.
    The Magnetic Crinkled Silk Red Ranunculus Flower Shoe Clip Pin Brooch by Hot Magnets are classy and can be used to dress it up or keep it fun and casual.
    The rustic Love heart ring bearer pillow is something I can envision photographers taking photos of throughout a wedding. I also like that it could be used as an ornament or decor to act as a reminder of love.
    The water glasses are amazing, but my favorite is the pink and orange rose bud champagne flute. With a flute, the rosebud looks like it is growing! So creative and wonderfully done.
    Hope the feedback helps…

  • Shelley

    posted on facebook.

  • Shelley

    Papermints- love the headline couple wall print

    Hot Magnets- Red Peony flower is beautiful

    Rustic Blend- Love the rustic ring bearer box.

    Judi Painted it- love the dark purple daisy glasses.

  • http://www.elegantweddingdressesblog.org/ Judy

    Wow! I love the shoes, especially the red handmade chiffon!!

  • Janna

    I love the “Love Is” wall art from Papermints!
    Magnetic Avocado Green Ranunculus Flower Shoe Magnets from Hot Magnets.
    I also love the Maple Leaf Mr. and Mrs. signs from Rustic Blend and the Set of 4 Autumn Leaf painted glasses from Judi Painted It!!!

    I hope I win!