Giveaway: Win a Bride to Be Sash!

bride to be sash

Our favorite way to kick off a new week? With a giveaway, of course! Enter for a chance to win a bride to be sash by Spark + Stitch! This sash is perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, engagement parties, and other wedding-related events. Plus, it makes a beautiful keepsake for after the wedding day. This sash is an exclusive design made for Emmaline Bride readers – it is even named ‘Ms. Emmaline’! (We love!) This bride-to-be sash is made from pale pink satin embellished with white coque feathers, traditional gray spotted guinea trim, and vintage-esque gold and pearl buttons. This sash is soft, classic, and delightfully feminine. “Bride to Be” is silk-screened in black in a classic script font. The sash is delivered with two pins to fit the bride in the position that’s comfortable for her.

win a bride to be sash
win a bride to be sash
win a bride to be sash
win a bride to be sash

How to Enter

Beginning June 13th through 11:59pm EST June 17th, comment below describing why you want to win this beautiful bride-to-be sash (for yourself or for an engaged friend). Only one entry (via comment) allowed per entrant, so make it a good one! You may also share the giveaway via Twitter (@EmmalineBride) for one additional entry daily.

We will select our favorite response as the winner and contact via email (and share on our blog). The giveaway is open to US and Canada entrants. The sash will ship via Priority Mail, which takes 2-3 days to arrive in the US, and slightly longer for Canada. Good luck!


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  • Somsi

    your going to own wedding and reception there are a few essential issues to fund.

  • Michelle

    I am in love with this sash! I love the color, the pearl buttons, the beautiful feathers, everything. I ordered one of these for my sister and she feel in love with it too. Everyone at the party said it was the most glamerous sash they had seen. I was sure to let them know where I found it. I’m ordering another one for a friend’s bachelorette party this weekend and I need another one for July! My goal is to be the guest with the best gift sashes!

  • Robyn

    I’m getting married next month and for my bachelorette party my sister was suggesting that I make my own sash because she knows how I don’t like tacky things.

    But I can’t make my own sash! That’s not right.

    This one is so nice and classy and I would wear it proudly on the big night out.

  • Karen Schneider

    It is a beautiful sash that would go great with my bachelorette outfit I will be wearing. It is absolutely gorgeous and I am grateful to have the opportunity to win this amazing/unique sash.

  • Kelly Elizabeth

    I would honestly love to wear that out. And I say that because in my opinion, the ones that are usually bought for brides to wear, alerting the public to her engaged status are a little, hm what’s the word, tacky. Maybe even a little trashy. They’ve got glitter and they’re glaring neon pick… and maybe the trashy character of them can even entice some trashy characters… but a light pastel pink with some trendy feathers and classy buttons? Sign me up any day; I’ll be proud to win and wear this baby!

  • Melissa

    This sash would be PERFECT for my best friend, who is getting married in a few weeks in Chicago. She’s a historical fashion expert and loves pearls and feathers. She would just swoon over the beauty of this sash! And I have a sneaking suspicion she purchased me a sash from Spark + Stitch for my bachelorette, so I know she’d love it. We’re best friends getting married a month apart, and this would mean a lot to both of us.

  • Rebecca Ramirez

    I would love to win this sash for my sister. She is having a destination wedding in November in Mexico and I won’t be able to attend it due to money constraints and the fact that my wedding is four months before hers. I haven’t truly supported her last minute decision to get married right after me, but I would like to show her that I truly support her know and send something with her to remember me by as she celebrates her “almost-married” status.

  • Allison collier

    I’d love to win this sash because you just made on for me to give my sister and it was SUCH A HIT among all our friends… Especially my best friend who is having her bachelorette in July. I would just love to surprise her with one of these!!

  • Jacqueline

    I just bought a sash from Spark + Stitch for my best friend’s bachelorette party, but I would love to win this sash for my own bachelorette party. Money is extremely tight between myself and my best friend since our weddings are so close together, so this would help tremendously.

    Plus, I love how stylish this sash is, not to mention the great quality. We will be having afternoon tea in downtown Chicago, going to Second City in the evening, and then hitting the bars. This sash would fit perfectly in all of those spots!

  • Atalie Thronson

    To me, being a bride to be is not just about how wonderfully fun and amazing the wedding planning is, but the fact that I am marrying my first and only love. I never thought I would get married, and I didn’t believe in Soul Mates or love at first sight, until I met my fiance. He is so amazing, and being able to celebrate being HIS bride makes my heart melt and brings tears to my eyes. He is the strength in my weakness, and he brings a smile to my face and a song to my heart. This gorgeous sash represents more than just a few fabulous wedding showers and how fun it is to be a bride, but how truly beautiful it is to marry my one true love. If I were to receive this sash i would cherish it forever, and hopefully pass it down to my daughters when they met their one true love.

  • Payton Baird

    The reason I should win this sash is because the person who would be receiving it would a young lady who is finally getting to marry the man of her dreams. They have been engaged for over a year and she finally got to set a date for her wedding since her fiance was in the navy. Only ONE month after being married her new husband will be deployed to Iraq for 9 months. I know she would absolutely love this sash and would cherish it forever. Thank you for the opportunity to make her happy!!

  • Shawndene Hayes

    This is gorgeous! I should win this because I have a vision of me wearing this in my white bikini at the pool for my bachelorette party! (dancing with a cocktail in hand!) :) I LOVE it!!

  • Nicole G

    Two words “budget wedding”! Then again… how many weddings aren’t budget-friendly these days? Plus I would love to give my Maid of Honor something to check off her bachelorette party to-do list! Not to mention the sash is amazing and crafty and I LOVE the gold and pearl buttons. GREAT added touch! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Heart-Shaped-Heather

    I would love to win this sash! Winning it would make for one less thing that my wonderful Bridesmaids have to do or worry about! It would be nice to be able to take something off of their plate :)

    Also tweeting this now! (@LoveBuzzedMe)

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Stacy

    I would love to win the Bride to Be sash bc no one would be expecting it from me. I’m not a girly girl – don’t like a lot of pink – but the sash is awesome!

  • http://[email protected] Jennifer

    Wow this is the most gorgeous Bride to Be sash I’ve ever seen! I’d love to win this sash for myself because my bachelorette party is two weeks away! My sister, my friends, and I will be renting a house in The Hamptons, and this sash looks perfect for our big night out! I’m a typical girly girl, and a pink sash with feathers and pearls has my name all over it! I want to make this weekend a blast for my girls, my sister, my bridal party, my mom, and my future mother-in-law, and either way, I’m looking forward to some major girl time! Good Luck ladies!

  • Sarah L.

    Oh my goodness! I totally saw these on etsy and wanted to order one for my sister. Her bachelorette party is in august and I wanted to buy one of these for her. This would be such a great accessory to her last fling before the ring outfit!

  • Bethany

    Last summer we bridesmaids sewed 12 beautiful satin sashes out of neon satin remnants they sell by the pound at the fabric store. We decorated them with names like “Miss Thang” and “Catch Me If You Can” and wore them with black dresses. But at the end of the night one of the bridesmaids left the sash bag in the taxi! Now this summer, as the bride, I’d love to relive all the hilarity and merriment of that night with my best friends.

  • Kayla

    My girls and I are planning a night on the town for my batchlorette party! The bling on this sash will match well with the cowboy bar we are planning on going to.

  • Chelsea Ling

    tweeted as @papercakes

  • Chelsea Ling

    my friend just got engaged :)

  • Melissa W.

    Seriously, who doesn’t want a sash?!? If you say that you don’t, you’re lying! Those guinea feathers lend the perfect amount of flair and the pearls scream southern! I would like to win this to stylishly sport at my bachelorette party. I can see it on me now!!!

  • Jenna Burden

    I would love to win this to wear at my bachelorette party. I would love something like this instead of the possibly rude party props my bridesmaids may have in mind. Pick me!!!

  • Emily

    I need this! I’m the MOH for my best friends wedding and this would be PERFECT for her wedding. Its even the color of the bridesmaids dresses.

  • Fanne’ Dutton

    Hello EB Team,


    Our wedding was set for 7/3/2011. I’m the oldest of 3 sisters. I come from a very disfunctional family. So disfunctional that my mother has not attended my 2 sisters wedding nor will any of them attend mine. The only part of my family that will attend are my twin sons. I’ve totally excepted that. However,our wedding had to be postponed until 7/7/7/2012. One week ago today I underwent emergency surgery. I almost lost my life and I’m so thankful to GOD that I’m still HERE!!!!! All of our invites had been sent. My coordinator had to contact everyone. Some out of town guest had already purchased their plane tickets. It’s been such a overwhelming obstacle. I feel like this SASH would be my little piece of HEAVEN. Something that I would surely wear that would remind me it’s going to be okay. This set back has me even more anxious to walk down the aisle and see my high school sweetheart waiting there for me!!!! F.D.

  • Rhian
  • Rhian

    I would love to win this to gift to my sorority sister who is getting married in September! We would always make frilly tiaras for each others birthdays and this sash just seems perfect for us!

  • Kristi Hall (Soon-to-be Mrs. Donelli)

    I would be honored to win the “Bride-to-be” Sash by Spark + Stitch. I have waited 31 years to find my perfect match. Dan is loving, outgoing, passionate, and caring. I can’t help but smile when I am with him. He has all the characterisitics that make an extraordinary man. I can’t wait to become his wife!! Wearing this amazing sash would only add to the happiness I am feeling right now. Whether I wear it during our engagement photos, the bridal shower, or the bachelorette party this accessory would be the perfect addition to any outfit! Thank you for setting up this giveaway, any future bride would be lucky to WIN:)
    Kristi Hall
    (Soon-to-be Mrs. Donelli)

  • Elena Barron

    I should win because I need this to bring the fun back into a nightmare of a wedding planning extravaganza! You’ve heard of the bridezilla well my wedding is the weddingzilla kicking my behind and taking names of next victims. I need something like this to remember wedding are FUN and an exciting time no matter how stressful and how many relationships may crumble over the course of a year-it’s about starting a new family with you and your soon-to-be hubby (and golden retriever)!

    Good luck to everyone!!!!

  • Jenny Livesay

    I should win the sash because it would be the ONLY pink item (and also the only feather item) in my entire wedding. Its good to have some contrast, right?

  • Jessica K

    I retweeted about the giveaway on twitter!

  • Jessica K

    Holy wow! That is one sweet+classy sash and would fit swimmingly with our carnival/steampunky/vintage wedding theme. I’d like to win it for my bachlorette party. For a variety of reasons, we’ve decided not to have a wedding party… so that means I have no maid of honor to look forward to embarrassing me on my last night as a single lady. I expect my dear friends will likely bestow penis-shaped cookies and other sundries upon me, but I expect the bulk of the planning will be my own. After an 8 year courtship, I’m distinctively bringing up the rear of all my married lady friends; and having been involved in a long string of bachlorette parties, I know I want mine to be a totally memorable blast. And from experience, I’ve found a sash is mandatory. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ally G.

    I would love to win the sash because I CAN’T WAIT to be married and show it to everyone! I have the most amazing bridesmaids and I can’t wait to wear this when we all go out and celebrate my last outing as a single lady! Love it!

  • davonne

    I wanna dance around Austin, Tx and announce to the world that I am getting married next summer in a bride-to-be sash. So excited and I just wanna share my joy and happiness with the world!

  • Megan

    I should be the winner of this sash because I just recently stumbled on Spark and Stitch’s Etsy site and absolutely fell in love! I have 4 more weddings to go to this year and think these are a GREAT gift to give. They are beautiful and unique and better than anything you could find at Party City :)


  • Megan

    I should be the winner of this sash because I just recently stumbled on Sprak and Stich’s Etsy site and absolutely fell in love! I have 4 more weddings to go to this year and think these are a GREAT gift to give. They are beautiful and unique and better than anything you could find at Party City :)