10 Fun Ways to Surprise the Groom

fun ways to surprise the groom

Your wedding day provides the perfect opportunity to do some sweet and thoughtful surprises for your groom! And he’ll never see it coming! Giving the groom a gift is one way to shower him with affection on your wedding day, but we’ve found some other ideas we know he will love. To inspire you, we’ve hand-picked ten of our favorite ways to surprise the groom before the ceremony and during the reception. There’s a first look, a love note, and a mascot, just to name a few. People like to say the wedding day is all about the bride, but we think that’s outdated: it’s time for the groom to share in the spotlight, too!

How to Surprise the Groom on your Wedding Day

Surprise the groom with…

1. An Unforgettable First Look

When you surprise him with a first look, he has the opportunity to see you all dressed up before anyone else! Make sure your photographer is ready to snap those candid smiles.

Blindfolded Groom - First Look - 10 Ways to Surprise the Groom #wedding

before the first look! – photo: mint photography via my wedding

2. A Love Note

Whether given to him by the flower girl…

Surprise the groom with a note - 10 Ways to Surprise the Groom #wedding

photo: dnk photography

… or before the wedding.

Love note before the wedding - 10 Ways to Surprise the Groom #wedding

photo: rick redd

Consider a custom card, like one of these we spotted from Whimsical Imprints:

to my groom on our wedding day card

by whimsical prints

cant wait to be mrs card

by whimsical prints

3. A Mascot

Arrange for his favorite sports team mascots or college mascot to show up at the reception. He’ll love it!

Surprise him with a mascot - 10 Ways to Surprise the Groom #wedding

via pinterest

4. A Note on his Tie

Hand-embroider a secret message…

Embroidered Tie - 10 Ways to Surprise the Groom #wedding


… or have a tie patch sewn on. A tie patch, like this one, can be custom made by Sew Happy Girls and is hidden on the back of his tie.

our forever starts today tie patch

by sew happy girls

Here’s another example from a Real Wedding (patch from here):

tie patch groom by sewhappygirls - 2

by sew happy girls, photo: flora + fauna photography

5. A Garter of His Favorite Team

He’ll be surprised on the wedding night when you have a garter featuring colors of his favorite sports team! Here’s an example from a Real Wedding:

Surprise him with a garter with his favorite team - 10 Ways to Surprise the Groom #wedding

photo: lorie chambless

We love these custom sports team garters with a team on one side and your new monogram on the other. Have the monogram done in blue thread and you’ll have an instant “something blue”, too. By Southern Ever After.

sports team garter

by southern ever after

6. An ‘I Love You’ as he puts on your Ring

'I Love You' on ring finger for when he puts on the ring - 10 Ways to Surprise the Groom #wedding

photo: freshly wed

7. A Scotch Bar


via martha stewart weddings

And have a “Yours, Mine” and “Ours” set ready and waiting for a toast together! This one is from Teals Prairie.

yours mine ours whiskey glasses scotch

by teals prairie

8. Socks (in case of ‘cold feet’)

Don’t let him get cold feet! Have these delivered to his room the morning of the wedding. By Cold Feet Wedding Socks.

in case you get cold feet

cold feet wedding socks

In Case You Get Cold Feet Socks - 10 Ways to Surprise the Groom #wedding

cold feet wedding socks

9. A Choreographed Dance

Surprise him with a dance - 10 Ways to Surprise the Groom #wedding


10. A Groom’s Cake

Pick something he’ll love… whether he’s an avid golfer, video game player, or Star Wars fan.

Groom's Cake - Golf Themed

photo: dayna mae photography via weddingstar

This Star Wars groom’s cake will *really* surprise him (and if he’s a fan, check out 50 Best Star Wars Wedding Ideas for infinite ways to surprise him!)


by cake nouveau


Want to travel to the ceremony with the entire wedding party? Just blindfold the groom so you can hang out before the ceremony (without him seeing your dress!) Love.

Blindfolded Groom - Travel together but blindfold the groom so you can hang out before the ceremony

photo: cjk visuals via bayside bride

What’s your favorite way to surprise the groom? Are you planning to do something special on the wedding day for him? Tell us with a comment below! ↓

Happy Planning!


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fun ways to surprise the groom

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do a boudoir photo shoot and get an album made. :)