Small Talk Guest Book Alternative

Brides: want a guest book alternative? Meet the small talk guest book! Instead of a traditional book where guests sign their names, the small talk guest book by Nostalgic Imprints invites guests to share their memories. Find out more after the jump…

small talk guest book

nostalgic imprints

P.S. This is available in a bunch of colors.

Small Talk Guest Book

The cover of the book reads, “I knew the bride and groom would be together forever when…” Inside the book (on either lined or unlined paper, your choice), guests then answer the question. When did they know you’d be together forever? How did they know? This is sure to spark conversation among guests and will be a delight to read on your honeymoon. What do you think?

Where to Find It

Want one of your own? Need more info? Grab the small talk guest book at Nostalgic Imprints, Featured Artisan at Emmaline Bride in The Marketplace. You can also view their website here.

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