DIY Photobooth Backdrop

diy photobooth backdrop

DIY Photobooth Backdrop by EB DIY Expert, Lauren of Lauren Elise Crafted!

I am loving the trend of photobooths at weddings. They provide a lot of entertainment for guests and instant memories for all. There is a carnival-like nostalgia surrounding them, a nod to a more simple and innocent time. It is universally accepted that once in a photobooth, one must let loose, make funny faces, and have fun! As a designer, I am drawn to the beautiful backdrops that seem to accompany photobooths lately. There are so many great examples and I am wowed by the creativity.

But what if you’re on a budget? Or you do not have the time to stitch, glue, or construct an elaborate creation?

This DIY photobooth backdrop is completely economical for any budget, made from items that you can find at your local craft and hardware stores (or even around your house). Short on time? I was able to complete this backdrop in about 30 minutes because I already had the supplies on hand. This is a cute and quick creation that would be perfect for a small, do-it-yourself event.

What you’ll need:

-kraft paper: I would get at least 36” wide but maybe 48” depending on use. The initial expense to buy a role of kraft paper will be more expensive, $20-$40, but the cost of just the backdrop will only be a small fraction of this price. The rest of the role can be used for all kinds of projects later on. I bought my kraft paper at Home Depot in the paint section for around $10-$15.

-paint: I think most paints would work. I actually used left-over fabric paint from another project and it worked fine. Just test it beforehand and make sure it provides enough coverage on the paper.

-a sponge brush

-cardstock scraps for templates

-a black Sharpie pen


1. Lay your kraft paper out on a flat surface and use heavy items to weigh it down and prevent shifting.

diy photobooth backdrop

2. Use cardstock scraps to cut out the templates for your design, in this case little triangles for bunting.  I made multiple templates because the cardstock eventually becomes saturated with the paint and gets messy.  I would switch to a new template once this happened to keep things clean.

diy photobooth backdrop

3. Use a sponge brush and the template to start painting your backdrop.  For more precision you could sketch out your design beforehand but for the mini bunting, I just eye-balled it.

diy photobooth backdrop

4. Once you are done painting, let it dry.  My paint dried in about 10 minutes but vary times based on the paint you use.  To connect the mini bunting, I used an ultra-fine point black Sharpie.  To hang use pins or tape, preferably at all four corners because kraft paper tends to hold its shape and roll up slightly.

diy photobooth backdrop
Tada!  Your own custom photobooth backdrop made in less than 1 hour…très magnifique!

Lauren Elise Crafted is a photographer, crafter, EB’s official DIY Expert!  We are thrilled to share her inspirational ideas with our readers + spread the DIY love! Check out her blog at

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Wonderful!!! Too easy!

Clair @wedding-inspi

Looks fabulous!


So sweet and clever!