DIY Tissue Packet Favors

Hi Emmaline Bride readers! Lauren Elise here and I am so excited to be sharing another fabulous DIY with you today. This project is all about packaging. With a few cute details, you can transform something ordinary into a wonderfully packaged little gift that your guests will appreciate. So today I concentrated my focus on tissues and creating unique packaging for little favors to hand out to your guests at the ceremony. Tears of joy and happiness are obviously going to be spilled on your big day and it is definitely smart to provide something to dry those eyes.

diy tissue packet

These favors are easy to make (as long as you own or can borrow a sewing machine) and they require very little materials. You could place the favors in a big basket at the entry to the ceremony or have a tissue packet on each guest’s chair along with the programs.

diy tissue packet

diy tissue favors clothespinned to bunting

tissue packet up close

diy tissue packet

diy tissue packet

diy tissue packet

diy tissue packet

And I must add that these favors incorporate one of my favorite crafting techniques as of late. I am pretty much addicted to using my sewing machine for stitching paper (instead of fabric). It’s a unique and unexpected detail that looks great but is still easy to master. I am very inexperienced with my sewing machine but am still able to pull off things like this. So don’t let the machine scare you.

Here are the ingredients for making your own tissue packet favors. Happy crafting!

DIY Tears of Happiness Favors
By Lauren Elise of

Materials ::
° pocket packs of tissues – one pack makes two favors
° glassine bags – sized at 3” x 6”
° x-acto knife
° metal-edge ruler
° white cardstock
° ‘tears of happiness’ template
° washi tape or non-sticky tape for positioning the label (will be removed afterward)
° sewing machine
° thread in a complimentary color to your label

Fonts ::
° NeoRetroDraw – free from Font Squirrel

Directions ::
° Get a 3” x 6” glassine bag, the pocket-sized tissues will fit perfectly in this size {image A}. Take half of the pack of tissues and place it inside the glassine bag {image B}.
° Print out the ‘tears of happiness’ template onto white cardstock or use the template as a guide to make your own. I made the labels 1 ½” x 4”. Once printed, cut out the labels with your x-acto knife {image C}.
° Position the label onto the front of the glassine bag and temporarily hold it in place with a piece of washi tape {image D} or non-sticky tape. Run the glassine bag and label through the sewing machine (using the complimentary thread as your upper thread). I used a zig-zag stitch. Remove the tape (it should come up without damaging the bag or cardstock) and trim any extra thread.
° Hand out these favors to your guests before your wedding ceremony to catch all of those tears of happiness!

diy tissue packet

*It has been a pleasure to be here with you today! If you have any questions about anything I have made, please feel free to contact me through my blog. I am also available to make anything you see. If you are interested in custom paper goods, save the dates, or invitations, get in touch because I would love to craft something special for you.

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