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    Picnic Wedding: 15 Ideas + Details for Your Day

    April 13, 2011  10 Comments

    The warm weather is finally here, making me dream of fun, whimsical events of summer – shopping downtown, ice cream cones, backyard barbecues, pool parties, fireworks.. and, one of my favorites – picnics! I typically try to blend my favorite things into weddings, and I think a picnic wedding reception sounds like such a fun idea. If you’re having an outdoor reception this idea would work perfectly. Throw down some blankets, serve up yummy sandwiches, berries, chips, and sodas, and get ready for a casual, relaxed reception with family and friends! Ants not invited. We gathered together 15 of our favorite picnic wedding inspiration, ideas + details to help get your creativity flowing. We hope you enjoy! (P.S. These are also fun ideas for an impromptu “hello, summer!” picnic with friends.)

    picnic wedding
    picnic wedding - berries and baskets
    picnic wedding - mason jars of pink lemonade
    picnic wedding centerpieces
    picnic wedding - jam wedding favors
    picnic wedding - gingham bird cake topper
    picnic wedding - gingham paper for sweet treats
    picnic wedding - wooden utensils
    picnic wedding - gingham bra for the bride
    picnic wedding - gingham panties
    picnic wedding - gingham clutch for bridesmaids
    picnic wedding - gingham flats
    picnic wedding - gingham cake bunting
    picnic wedding - cake bunting
    picnic wedding - picnic baskets
    picnic wedding - ceremony site

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    • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

      Hi Vanessa! I’ve given this a lot of thought and I say, it’s your day – do what makes you happy! However, you may wish to consider a few traditional tables and chairs especially for elderly guests. You want guests to feel comfortable at your wedding. Good luck!

    • http://bonafidebride.blogspot.com Bonafidebride

      This is perfect! It motivates me to get some girlfriends together for a pretty spring picnic this year!

    • http://www.laurenelisecrafted.com Lauren Elise

      The idea of a picnic wedding is super whimsical and I LOVE it! I definitely would consider a picnic-style wedding if I was getting married :)

    • http://poo-beehive.blogspot.com Anjani

      Ahh love this! <3

    • http://thecharitywedding.com Alicia @CharityWedding

      I love gingham, bunting, picnics… this is perfection!

    • http://www.lesliesarna.com Leslie Sarna

      So sweet!! I love this concept!

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