7 Unique Wedding Centerpieces with Texture

Selecting a centerpiece for any event can be a daunting task that tends to be more difficult for weddings. After spending months of planning – and perhaps crafting – your wedding centerpieces, they ought to be both memorable and unique. One of the first aspects of your decor seen by guests is the centerpiece, so make it a good one! Keep in mind that both color and texture are equally important when selecting the centerpiece. Also, a centerpiece does not necessarily have to be large-and-in-charge. In fact, some of my favorite centerpieces through the years have been subtle, sweet, and simple – a little bit goes a long way. For instance, these unique wedding centerpieces spotted at Floresdelsol are made of dried floral and plant textures (such as moss, spring thistles, and status flowers) so they are on the simple side yet offer bright vivid colors and fresh textures. It is rare to find centerpieces, such as these, that can be used after the wedding as decor in your love nest; in fact, the flowers are dried so they can be admired forever.

purple unique wedding centerpieces
purple unique wedding centerpieces
mossy unique wedding centerpieces
mossy unique wedding centerpieces
floral texture centerpiece
floral texture centerpieces
green unique wedding centerpieces
unique wedding centerpieces
unique wedding centerpieces
floral texture unique wedding centerpieces
ivory wedding centerpiece
dried floral texture centerpiece
dried floral wedding centerpieces
dried floral wedding centerpieces

Now, tell us: which one is your favorite? Do you like dried floral centerpieces?

Happy Planning!


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  • Jenny

    can you tell us what types of flowers they are?? love them!

  • http://www.flowerthyme.etsy.com Kirstn

    I love the thistles! What a cool idea!

    I live in sweet gum tree territory and I’ve always wanted to figure out something to do with them — and this has given a little inspiration :)

    I love the idea of using dried flowers. When I was planning my wedding I saved a rose from each of the bouquets my fiance ever got me and wanted to use them in my bouquet (dried of course). That idea never worked out but these are a great alternative! Thanks for sharing!

  • Adelina

    There are several arrangments here that I absolutely adore! Such great inspirational pieces! Thanks for posting!

  • http://theweddingfestival.blogspot.com/ Madison

    the bottom one is my fave, gorgeous!

  • http://www.laurenelisecrafted.com Lauren Elise

    I LOVE all the textures here! Using dried flowers is a great twist for centerpieces.

  • http://www.eventsbyelisa.com Events by Elisa

    I love the purple “paper” flowers! My dad used to pick them on the side of the road for my mom when I was a kid so they have a special place in my heart! But these are all so pretty!

  • http://limelifeweddings.com/ Limelife Photography

    We’re supposed to pick a favorite?! I thought I had mine until I continued to scroll down! Love the purples. The all greens. The super textured grays and the super feminine peachy pinks.

  • http://everylastdetailblog.com Lauren @ ELD

    So pretty! I like them! :)