How to Create the Perfect Brooch Bouquet

We love to hear from our readers. Love it. We like to hear what you’re planning, what you’re working on, what is driving you crazy… and we like to share it with readers who may be experiencing the same thing. So, when we heard from a reader who had an incredible handmade wedding idea planned for her bridal shower, we couldn’t wait to share it with you! Read on to find out this unique + totally inspiring idea PLUS get inspired with some of our favorite handmade brooch bouquets after the jump!

how to create the perfect brooch bouquet

my sweet addiction JLS | photo credit: corey ann photography

With a post titled how to create the perfect brooch bouquet, you may be wondering just what we mean. While many brooch bouquets are downright gorgeous, there is one way to achieve a more perfect bridal brooch with one small (but very important) detail: a personal, hand-picked touch. An Emmaline Bride reader told us about her idea for her upcoming bridal shower and we think it is truly awesome. She has included a request in her bridal shower invitations asking guests (who wish to contribute) to bring along a brooch which will be used for the bridal brooch bouquet on the day of the wedding. So whether you plan to craft your own DIY brooch bouquet using these brooches or hire a talented artisan to help craft a beautiful handmade brooch bouquet for you, the result will be a truly hand-picked, heartfelt bouquet of brooches from those you love most. Can you imagine brooches of all shapes, sizes, colors, and age? Some brooches would be old, passed down from generations and placed in jewelry boxes of all kinds; others will be new, found at a department store and become a brooch for the bride herself to pass down someday. What a truly unique and inspiring idea!

Now, this idea wouldn’t be complete without a little handmade brooch bouquet inspiration (below) to jump start your creativity. And, I’ll be the first to say that brooch bouquets like these take TONS of hours and hard work to look this gorgeous; to make yours look this extraordinary, we recommend enlisting the help of a handmade artisan to help make a custom bouquet with your bridal shower brooches!

how to create the perfect brooch bouquet

brooch bouquet by the ritzy rose | photo credit: candid kama photography

brooch bouquet by my sweet addiction jls

how to create the perfect brooch bouquet
brooch bouquet by the ritzy rose | photo credit: robert evans photography

how to create the perfect brooch bouquet
brooch bouquet by croska

how to create the perfect brooch bouquet
brooch bouquet by blue petyl

brooch bouquet by lillybuds bouquets

how to create the perfect brooch bouquet
brooch bouquet blue petyl

Not a fan of carrying the bouquet? Have one made for your cake topper instead! Check out this beauty by My Sweet Addiction JLS:

how to create the perfect brooch bouquet
how to create the perfect brooch bouquet

handmade brooch cake topper by my sweet addiction jls | photo credit: megan simpson photography


So, we want to know… what do you think of brooch bouquets? Would you carry one on your wedding?


For more handmade brooch bouquets, check out The Marketplace!

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  • Deb

    Omce I put the floral wire on the brooches, do O. Just stick it down into the material wrapped styrofoam. How do I know it is secure and will not come up and out?

    • Emma | Emmaline Bride

      Hi Deb! It should stay fairly secure. When you put the floral wire on the brooch, does it feel snug?

  • Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Ah! Can’t wait to see it. :) When’s your wedding?

  • sammy

    Busy doing mine at the moment, my own is all brooches and my bridesmaids are having brooch and foam rose mix…. can’t wait to see final product :)

    • emma


      That sounds amazing! Please share a photo with us when it’s completed. Good luck!


  • Arianna Parman

    I have been planning on doing a brooch bouquet for years. I’m going to put brooches in my bridesmaids bouquets and in my decor. I’m so excited! And lucky for me I don’t think I will have to buy any from the amount my fiance’s family has. =D

    • EmmalineBride


      That sounds like a beautiful idea! Feel free to share photos with us; we’d love to see your creations!

      Emmaline Bride

  • Jennifer Simpson

    Many thanks for featuring My Sweet Addiction JLS on your fabulous blog! As well as some great pics of my brooch bouquets and brooch cake topper!
    Jennifer Simpson

    @Kim, depending on the size of bouquet- there can be anywhere from 5-100 pieces of jewelry. Because each piece of my bouquets is hardwired and made with no styrofoam or fillers a bouquet can take up to 20 hours to make, again depending on size. Feel free to email me with any questions or visit my Etsy shop!
    [email protected]

  • kim

    they r beautiful! my sons fiance twin sister is getting married in april. how many brooches in a bouquet? she has 5 bridesmaids plus bride. how long does one take to make?

  • Erika {Borrowed&Bleu}

    Each one is more beautiful than the last! I love the idea of brooch bouquets!

  • Wedding Photography Melbourne

    These are beautiful – really vibrant colors.

  • Beth Martin

    I LOVE this idea – the wedding cake topper is second to none, and such a beautiful, vintage touch to any reception. I am imagining all of those gorgeous brooches and pins on top of my wedding cake – a perfect “family” affair! Congratulations on this article!


    Beth Martin

  • Judi Painted it

    I love the fact that its handmade and would cherish it even more if it was all made out of my relatives pieces including grandmothers who passed away.

    LOVE IT!!!