How to Register for Anything Online and In-Store

The wedding registry is an exciting – and fun – part of planning your wedding. A wedding registry is a gift list curated by the couple and given to guests (typically as a mention in your bridal shower invitation) as potential gift ideas. From a gift-givers point of view, a wedding registry is a brilliant idea: why guess when you can buy gifts you know the couple will love? A wedding registry removes all doubt and identifies specific gifts the couple has carefully selected together.

In the past, wedding registries were limited to select big box chains only. You had to pick a store that offered a registry service and limit your gift choices on items they carried. But now, the wedding registry is different thanks to the folks at SimpleRegistry! They have created a new, modern alternative to the traditional wedding registry that allows couples register for anything they want! Read on to find out how you can register for anything online (and in-store)…

How to Register for Anything Online and In-Store (via

How to Register for Anything Online and In-Store


You’ve heard of wedding registries in-store, but SimpleRegistry is different. Instead of limiting a couple’s selection to products at a big box retail store, SimpleRegistry lets you register for gifts from any store (even online). You can even register for non-tangible stuff like season tickets, indoor skydiving sessions, or a donation to a favorite charity. Get creative with it: literally anything that can be thought up can be added to a registry.

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We love how easy it is to use SimpleRegistry. To get started, all you have to do is sign up here. Everything is online-based, which means you’ll spend more time adding items to your registry and less time driving around and scanning items in-store. Once you’re logged in, you can use their special built-in tool called SimpleAdder, a bookmarklet designed to add any item to your registry online in one click. You can also access your registry with your mobile phone on-the-go using their free mobile app. The app allows you to view your registry and add to it instantly by scanning barcodes or uploading photos of products you find.

What Can You Register For?

What can you register for at SimpleRegistry? In a word: anything! Do you want kitchen gadgets, handmade items, linens, annual museum passes, and home décor? Add it to your SimpleRegistry. For example, if you’re a wine connoisseur, add specialty wines, glassware, or even wine tasting tours to your wedding registry.

How to Register for Anything Online -- Even Wine Tasting! (via

Did you find the perfect dining table (and accoutrements) at a local boutique? Add it to your registry.

Register for Anything Online - Dining Furniture

Crave adventure (like a bike-riding tour or hot air balloon ride)? Those can be added, too!

Register for Anything Online - Mountain Biking Tours

If you can dream it, you can add it to your registry.

Register for Anything Online - Hot Air Balloon Rides

Practical tools like cooking classes can also be added to your registry. Pair your favorite kitchen gadgets and cooking tools with a cooking class for the ultimate post-wedding gift package.

Register for Anything Online - Cooking Classes

Another feature that SimpleRegistry offers is the ability to split pricier items. This means that your more expensive items can be split into smaller portions for guests to give as a group with ease. You can even allow guests to suggest cool items to add to your list (with your final approval of each item). Gifts are redeemed as cash so the couple can purchase the items themselves from the list.

SimpleRegistry will help you after the wedding, too. SimpleRegistry generates a list of your guests, the gift(s) they provided, amounts, and their full contact information to make thank you note writing a breeze. Your thank you notes will be accurate, personal, and completed in record time.

Register for Anything Online -- Thank You Writing Made Easy, Too

If you’re a modern couple and you’re looking for a revolutionary way to create a wedding registry, SimpleRegistry is it! Give it a try today and see how easy it is to get started! (You can also read Real Member stories from couples who have used the service themselves.)

Click on the logo below to get started:

register for anything online - simpleregistry

This is a sponsored post by SimpleRegistry.

Happy Planning!


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