Custom Bridal Hangers for the New Mrs.

One of my favorite shots in our ‘Real Weddings’ is the wedding gown shot. Typically, photographers will hang the gown up high to really show off the beautiful train, the neckline, and of course, the gown’s unique color, fabric and accents. (Of course, the gown looks so much better on the bride, but it is nice to have a show-off shot of your gown in your collection. After all, if your gown doesn’t withstand the tests of preservation or you decide to not keep it forever in storage, at least you’ll always have an image to remember its sheer gorgeousness.) To up the ante a bit, we think these custom bridal hangers would look great in your bridal gown shot. And, it can be a lasting keepsake forever after. We featured Ashley + Ian’s Real Wedding yesterday and Ashley used a custom hanger with her new name, as well as custom bridesmaid hangers for her girls. We loved the added personalized look, and we spotted some gorgeous handmade hangers by MyAmberColouredWorld to share for your upcoming wedding day:

custom bridal hangers
custom bridal hangers
custom bridal hangers

Want to make your bridesmaids’ day? Get them custom bridal hangers, too! These can be reused in their closets for years!

custom bridal hangers

Love, love, love. Such a simple idea, yet so sweet + sentimental! Check out more items here.

Oh, and as a side-note, I have to highly recommend holding on to your gown forever. Get it preserved! And, preserve those accessories while you’re at it. You’ll never know when you’ll want to try it on again (just for kicks) or show it off to your kids. I couldn’t wait to try on my mom’s wedding gown. And, her veil, too, which I wore on my wedding day as my “something borrowed”. I’m so grateful she held on to these items through the years!


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