Day After Photo Shoot: Margarita + Devan

It seems like the wedding day goes by in a flash. Before you know it, it’s the next day and your wedding gown is hanging in your suite and you’re smiling about how beautiful your wedding day was. It doesn’t have to end yet, though – put on that gown, get your husband in his suit and head on over for a day after shoot! And, with none of the hustle + bustle of the wedding day to stress you out, you can let your hair down and put on that wedding gown one last time for a few fun photos. Today we’re sharing a beautiful day after shoot with newlyweds Margarita and Devan. Emily Heizer Photography did an amazing job capturing these two lovebirds. They were married in Danville, California and the day after photo shoot took place in Livermore at a historic house, orchard, and vineyard. They’re so in love!

day after photo shoot
day after photo shoot
day after photo shoot
day after photo shoot
day after photo shoot
day after photo shoot
day after photo shoot
day after photo shoot
day after photo shoot

day after photo shoot
day after photo shoot

day after photo shoot

We’d also like to add: you don’t have to do a day after shoot literally the day after the wedding. In fact, this couple decided to wait a few months, which gave Margarita a fun excuse to put on her gown for another day. In fact, this makes me want to do a similar shoot – I wouldn’t mind putting on my gown again! :)

Location: Ravenswood Historic House
Florals: Done by the bride herself
Props: Made by the bride, props taken from their home (like the vintage keys used to anchor the balloons)
Hair piece/clip/feathered fascinator: Handmade, purchased on Etsy
Groom’s attire: Tom James of San Francisco

We wish you two a very happy ever after! Thanks for sharing your beautiful day after shoot with us! Thank you, Emily, for the beautiful photographs!

Emily Heizer Photography is a preferred photographer in The Bridal Book at Emmaline Bride. All images copyright Emily Heizer Photography. All rights reserved.


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  • Margarita

    Thank you so much for featuring our photos on your blog! This is so exciting because I used many wedding blogs for inspiration for this shoot. I hope that other brides will be inspired by our photos. BIG, BIG “thank you” to Emily Heizer Photography!

  • Eileen Haban

    Very creative! You have a talent and fresh sense of style. You both look so relaxed and happy. What a handsome couple!

  • I Heart Calligraphy

    I’m in love with the first image. The paleness with the purple balloons?? Gorgeousness. I love these images.

  • Taylor {The Proposal Enthusiast}

    How come more people don’t do this? What a fabulous idea! I’m doing this for sure!

  • Sandra Downie @ The White Library

    I love the bouquet and I so agree the day after is so much fun because Brides/Grooms are much more relaxed!

  • Alicia @CharityWedding

    LOVE that balloon shot! And her shoes are gorgeous!

  • Judi Painted it

    So, So pretty!!

    Love the southern feel and the peacock feathers.

  • Whit Behrens

    Beautiful job Emily. You are very talented. The pictures came out perfect.

  • Emily Heizer, Photography with Flair

    It looks beautiful! Thank you so much for selecting us for a feature Emma! We love it and I’m sure Devan and Margarita will love it too! <3

  • Sarah {A Paper Proposal}

    Two things. 1. I am LOVING her shoes! Those little bows on the sides? Adorable. and 2. That first photo with the groom holding all of the balloons is too cute. :)