DIY Succulent Centerpieces

Hello, hello! Today we’re talking about DIY succulent centerpieces. If you’re new to the succulent, it is a small water retaining plant in season from March through September. And, quite honestly, this little plant has taken the wedding world by storm. We’ve seen succulents popping up in weddings and displayed as centerpieces, placed in bouquets, showcased as aisle decor, and much more. It’s no surprise these sweet little plants are popular: they don’t wilt, they are easy to care for (even sans green thumb), they are affordable, and they can be re-planted after the wedding day. Today we’re showing you a hot handmade item that can help you make easy, effortlessly DIY succulent centerpieces at home that will wow your guests… read on for the full scoop!

diy succulent centerpieces

DIY Succulent Centerpieces

This gorgeous planter box by The Growing Wall is your ticket to a chic succulent centerpiece with ease. Each beautiful planter box is handcrafted from redwood for a long-lasting, sturdy box. The dimensions are small which makes this box the perfect size centerpiece for a small wedding table.

diy succulent centerpieces


To make DIY succulent centerpieces at home, you’ll need…

– succulents (about 2-3 per box, depending on the size you select)
– soil
– twine (for decoration)
– planter box (like these from The Growing Wall)

You can find succulents at local outdoor stores, e.g. Home Depot, which sells them for around $2 each, or San Pedro Cactus for around $1.50.


Simply add soil to planter box and place succulent inside. Tie twine around the planter box for decoration; water + enjoy!

diy succulent centerpieces

diy succulent centerpieces

You can reuse these centerpieces after the wedding, too, and they’ll look great in your home. You can also gift to loved ones as a special keepsake after the wedding day.

diy succulent centerpieces

Find more planter boxes (or place your order) at The Growing Wall.

* * *

Happy Planning!


All photos via The Growing Wall.

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