5 Things to Know About Wedding Invitations

Hello, loves! Today we’re talking about wedding invitations, the first impression given to guests before the big day. What will your wedding invitations say about you? How will your wedding invitations set the tone for your beautiful day? In this post, we’re sharing five things to know about wedding invitations before you put down that deposit. We’re also showcasing a few pretty designs by the team behind the always-inspiring Yes, Dear Studio to get you inspired. Enjoy!

5 Things to Know About Wedding Invitations

illustrated wedding invitation - 5 things to know about wedding invitations

by yes, dear studio

1. Wedding invitations should be personal.

Emmaline Bride is all about handmade wedding ideas, items, and approaches because we believe a handmade wedding is more personal, heartfelt, and tells your unique story. Invitations are an essential part of your wedding day and invitations should incorporate a personal feel, look, and be customized for your specific day. Consider an illustrated wedding invitation (such as the one shown above by Yes, Dear Studio) which can be personalized to look like you. Plus, it makes a beautiful suitable-for-framing art piece for your home after the wedding day.

2. Wedding invitations should incorporate your theme.

What is your theme? Your invitations should exemplify this theme and give your guests a glimpse into the party that awaits. For example, if you love to read, a book-themed wedding may be a perfect fit for you, complete with book themed wedding invitations.

library book wedding invitation - 5 things to know about wedding invitations

by yes, dear studio
library book wedding invitation suite - 5 things to know about wedding invitations
by yes, dear studio

3. Wedding invitations should set a tone.

Is your wedding formal? Informal? Beachy? 1960’s themed? Does it include dinner and dancing? Include the tone on your invitation so guests know what to expect.

4. Wedding invitations should be ordered well ahead of time.

Ordering your wedding invitations ahead of time can create a less stressful scenario for you – and gives the designer plenty of time to perfect his or her work. Start shopping once you decide on a theme. Once you’ve found it (and you’re absolutely sure it’s “the one”), get in touch with the designer to reserve your space by putting down a deposit. And, remember it’s better to have the invitations, addressed, stamped, and ready to go early, even if you don’t need to send them out for a few more weeks. It’s best to be prepared.

orange wedding invitation - 5 things to know about wedding invitations

by yes, dear studio

5. Wedding invitations should be sent six to eight weeks before the wedding.

Ideally, wedding invitations should be mailed six to eight weeks before your big day. Use this also in conjunction with rule number four (above) to help you with your timeline for placing an order (and to ensure you have enough time to assemble and mail them out).

So, now that you know five things to know about wedding invitations, get inspired with gorgeous handmade wedding invitations in The Marketplace at Emmaline Bride®!

Yes, Dear Studio is a Featured Artisan in The Marketplace. Visit their shop here!

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Brad Goodell

I love to see couples who embrace who they are and let the creativity flow into their weddings.


Love, love, love these designs!!

Michelle McKane

Thanks for all the tips. Im getting engaged soon so i wanna be ready for things like this.