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The #1 Easy Invitation Detail You’re Missing

June 24, 2014 | 5 Comments

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When selecting your wedding invitations, color coordination and theme are the top details to cross off your list. There’s another additional accent that many brides skip without even knowing it. Are you missing this easy invitation detail? Find out about the #1 invitation detail that can really make your invitations POP and stand out among the others…

invitation detail you re missing

Invitation Detail: Envelope Liners

Wedding invitations contain many parts, but one easy invitation detail often goes untouched: an envelope liner. While many invitation designers haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, this detail isn’t new: I’ve been seeing these envelope liners being used for a few years now. While they might cost a bit extra (or you can go the route of doing it yourself), you’re really able to maximize the amount of detail in your invitation package and really make it pop. One shop that offers some gorgeous wedding envelope liners (as part of her invitation designs) is River Kiss Weddings. This cobalt blue, mint, and gold wedding invitation set really caught my eye. Gold polka dots in the liner? Get out. I think cobalt blue and mint is one of the most perfect color combinations, too. It’s so pretty!

cobalt blue mint gold wedding invitations - easy invitation detailblue mint gold wedding invitations - easy invitation detail

I love this gold polka dot liner with the mint invitation, too…

polka dot wedding invitation liner - easy invitation detail

This one is my favorite! If you want your invitations to pop, this patterned detail is one way to do it.

coral gold wedding invitation envelope liners - easy invitation detail

And, last but not least, this gold damask envelope liner goes with many different color palette combinations.

gold damask wedding invitation liners - easy invitation detail

To find out more about any of the designs above + to get invitations with fun envelope liners inside, visit River Kiss Weddings.

What do you think of this trend? Will you be including envelope liners with your invitations? Tell us below!



  • corinne

    always have loved liners!!

  • http://daintybride1.blogspot.com Charlie Franklin

    Really love this idea! Might have to think about this when it comes to putting mine together :) x


  • JenLax

    Love it! Gorgeous color combos.

  • Meghan

    Great idea! Do you have any advice on how to do DIY liners? I already ordered my invitations and they didn’t come with liners.

    • Molly Jones

      Hey Meghan! I’m Molly, the owner of River Kiss Weddings. I am the creator of these invitations Emmaline has featured today! Thanks Emmaline! I just wanted to share my thoughts with you regarding your question. You can either create your own liner template or find one online. I would certainly be happy to work with you in creating these liners if you feel it may be too time consuming to cut them all out. If this is something your are interested, feel free to send me an e-mail (riverkissweddings@gmail.com). Thanks and congrats on your upcoming nuptials :)

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