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Hello, Here I create and design clutches and handbags. This is my unexpected passion-- making things for others to treasure. How it all began: After searching for just the right bag to take with me to a friend’s wedding, I finally decided to create my own clutch. It was lovely-- a simple and modern brown silk clutch that made me happier than anything I’d seen in any shop. From there, I started making all my own accessories. A teacher tote bag to bring with me to school. A handbag for day. And then a funny thing happened. Requests poured in. From friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. When strangers stopped me on the street, I knew I had something to share. By taking handbag design courses from an incredible handbag designer in Boston, I strengthened my skills and just couldn’t stop making! I researched materials and fine-tuned my techniques. All of this came together when I decided to take a leap: stay home with my new baby and build a business. So here I am. Incredibly happy to share my designs with you. I find a lot of joy in creating something from scratch, making a bag that someone will not only use, but love. A few things to know about me and my designs: I never settle for just ok. This means early mornings and late nights. This means if I see a flaw or something less than what I imagined, I’ll do the whole thing over. My bags come packed with lots of little details, many unseen, but all there to make them extra amazing. I double stitch. I use special material inside to add strength and structure. I source the very best materials. I’m not a factory. Each bag is lovingly handmade by me - often from sketch to finish. In fact, many of my bags also use fabric I’ve designed myself. I take weddings seriously. No matter how many bridal orders I do (hundreds!), I’m always honored when a bride asks me to create bags for her wedding. It’s a huge event, and I’m thankful to be part of it. This is my way of sharing bits of happiness. I find joy in the process of making. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and learn about me. I always love hearing from folks, so drop me a line to ask a question or just say hello! xo, allisa

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