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Beauty is often found in the simple quiet moments of life and I believe those moments are what make life itself absolutely beautiful. When I began Angelorian Tradition July 1st 2012, all I knew for sure was that I wanted to create something timeless that brightened someone’s day with a touch of beauty & a bit of humor. It has been a process to bring about Angelorian Tradition as it is today, but, all the little details and vintage touches have come together beautifully and I hope each find a place in the traditions of every home they enter♥ My favorite pastimes include traveling, trying new things, learning new things and creating beauty in the world about me. I believe there is nothing like an inspiring verse or quote to enlighten the mind and lift the spirit; a good joke can make any day memorable; & a great cup of tea should be a daily appointment, especially where cookies are included. My beloved, favorite sister {I only have one} Kristin, is my constant help in this business endeavor and my dearest friend. She assists in the packaging and regularly blacks and polishes the custom metal stamp collection items we carry. She has even been known to hold the light board when I take pictures & give me my first opinion on a new concept. All things considered, she is just naturally awesome☺ Besides assisting me, she also works for Cabela’s Customer Service part time & writes fiction on-line. I’ve also been known to help her in her shop, Party Lovely, also on Etsy. •Don’t forget to check out our Deal of the Month, posted every month onto our Facebook page along with Giveaways, Sales and all our blog features and tutorials.•

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