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About BeccaandLouise

From a very young age I started using needle and thread to create little crafts and gifts. My Nana, or formally known as Louise, was not only the grandmother I received my middle name after, but she was the one that inspired me to work with lace and fabric. A couple years following her passing I was engaged and I wanted to find a way to have a piece of Louise walking me down the aisle. So I gathered together her crafty things and came across her handmade lace handkerchiefs. I used her lace to embellish my wedding shoes and a matching hairpiece. My vintage creations were such a success that I was encouraged by others to start a shop. Since the beginning of Becca & Louise my shop has grown from having only a couple design options to now providing brides with a wide range of styles. Currently I am working with French and Venice lace in addition to the original vintage laces my shop was founded on. My hope is to provide the Etsy Wedding community with more lace shoe options; so whether a bride is looking for a vintage or modern lace shoe, she can easily find both in my shop.