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About bmjnyc

Barbara Michelle Jacobs (BMJNYC) began as a hobby - one jewelry class a week for many years as an escape from an uninspiring job in the graphic arts industry. I sold paper. Yes, just like The Office's Dunder Mifflin but without the laugh track. In 2008, I stumbled upon Etsy and listed a few items just to see what would happen. The response from both customers and press has been OMG phenomenal. I’m tickled by the journey my little Etsy shop has kicked off and l love how I spend my days. Thank you, I couldn't have done it without you. Full Steam ahead and no reason to look back! BMJNYC jewelry is organic elegance. Our customers are real everyday people who are connected to the world around them and appreciate fine quality over quantity. My From Nature collection starts with direct castings of twigs and branches found in and near Central Park. These natural elements are the structural framework of the collection which is produced from recycled precious metals and natural gemstones. Everything is handcrafted from start to finish here in NYC. BMJNYC is named for my inspiration—my children and the city I love. Happily, the business has grown steadily and I am no longer a one woman show. My friend Alice is now helping in the office and Alan, my very patient husband of 20 plus years continues to be a constant source of good humor and IT support.