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About DesignUnfurls

I am Cicilia Buchanan, The designer and owner of Design Unfurls. Before living in the States I was growing up in Australia and still calling that place home. Skills I have gained that fits me to run Design Unfurls comes from over twelve years work and some working experience, a master of multimedia design from University of Sydney, a bachelor in graphic design from Swinburne university in Melbourne and an advanced diploma in graphic design with a well known Sydney college, previous training in visual communication design as well as a number of freelance projects for a number of businesses and organizations internationally. Every item in this store has been made wholeheartedly, with second-mile love. I love what I do and I love making my customers happy. When you buy a handmade gift not only are you supporting a mom to provide for her baby, but you're giving a gift that has its own heart & soul. Please contact me if you have anything in mind. I love doing custom work for all kinds of occasions: weddings, babies, graduations, corporate promotional items, birthdays, anything you've got in mind. We can work together, creating something beautiful, one of a kind and unforgettable.